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Quotes for
Miles (Character)
from Project X (2012)

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Project X (2012)
JB: Holy shit, dude. It's Miles Teller.
Thomas: Dude, it is. That's him! Holy shit.
JB: He's so badass.
Costa: Yeah, my boy's starting at second base for USC.
JB: I heard he got sent to detention once and wound up banging the teacher.
Costa: Mi-Tell! What's crackin' bro? We go to North Pas.
Thomas: Yeah, dude, big fans.
Costa: Huge fans.
Miles: Cool. Awesome.
Costa: Look, we're making a movie.
JB: Invite him, man. Come on.
Thomas: Okay. Listen, Miles, we're having a little soiree at my place tonight. If you wanna swing by it should be.
Costa: [interrupts] Teller, my boy here is underselling this like a mother fucker. This shit's gonna be legit. You should definitely swing by.
Miles: Yeah, I can't. I actually have other plans tonight, so I might not make it.
Costa: Dude, think about it. It's on Dickens Street. We'd love to have you.
Miles: Dickens Street?
Costa: Yeah.
Miles: That's your party? You guys are throwing that? That's where I'm going. I heard it's gonna be fucking crazy, bro!
Thomas: That's my party. I'm Thomas Kub. It's my birthday today.
Miles: Yeah, I heard it's gonna be unlimited high school pussy and shit.
Costa: Dude, high school pussy for days.