Amanda Vaughn
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Amanda Vaughn (Character)
from "GCB" (2012)

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"GCB: Pilot (#1.1)" (2012)
Will Vaughn: [after reading "Reap what you sow" on the church marquee] Mom what does that mean?
Amanda Vaughn: [Amanda reads it and the girls glare at her] It's Texas for Karma!

Gigi Stopper: You know very well I didn't like Bill when you dated him in high school, really didn't like you marrying him, and hated it when he dragged you off to California
Amanda Vaughn: I know; the fact you didn't come to his funeral wasn't my first clue

Gigi Stopper: Don't mess with those boxes; Lupe's gonna throw those away for you
Amanda Vaughn: [to Lupe] Don't throw them away; I'll need them again soon.
[turning to her mother]
Amanda Vaughn: We're only here until I get a job
Gigi Stopper: You don't have to work. Why don't you and the kids just live here and I'll pick up the tab?
Amanda Vaughn: 'cause I'm terrified of what you might do to my children
Gigi Stopper: Did you turn out so bad?
Amanda Vaughn: We're not even going there

"GCB: Adam & Eve's Rib (#1.9)" (2012)
Amanda Vaughn: [Lookin' at a photo of her 'n' her daddy, thinkin' 'bout th' upcomin' barbeque competition, feelin' ill-prepared] We used to do everything together, but he wouldn't let his little girl break through the charcoal ceiling

"GCB: Turn the Other Cheek (#1.6)" (2012)
Amanda Vaughn: How do you apologize for shooting someone?
Gigi Stopper: That is an etiquette conundrum that you will not find in Emily Post... I know, I have Dick Cheney's number someplace