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from "Danger 5" (2011)

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"Danger 5: I Danced for Hitler (#1.1)" (2012)
Colonel Chestbridge: Good morning, boys and girls, we have orders.
Pierre: Good day, Colonel. Can I mix you something?
Colonel Chestbridge: Ah, yes. I'll have a Bangkok Sunrise... Yes, a Bangkok Sunrise. All right, everybody, at 0800 hours, the Nazis stole the Eiffel Tower.
Claire: The Eiffel Tower? Surely the Nazis...
Colonel Chestbridge: Shut up, girl! We believe this could be the very beginning of largest piece of Nazi propaganda ever executed by Hitler's propaganda wizard, Josef Goebbels. It's safe to assume Goebbels has similar plans for other monuments and I think we can all agree a world without monuments is not worth living in. Your mission: find out what the hell the Nazis want with the tower, where they're taking it and get it back. And, off course as always, kill Hitler.