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Frank Jennings (Character)
from Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951)

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Al Jennings of Oklahoma (1951)
Lon Tuttle: You fellas bound for Woodward?
Al Jennings: Yeah. We thought maybe you could tell us something about the town.
Lon Tuttle: You sure stopped the right party, son. I know all about Woodward. It's a rip-roaring town if there ever was one. Growing like a weed and wide open. Oh, but the prices there... it costs a fortune for anything you buy. So I hope you boys brought plenty of money along with ya.
Frank Jennings: Oh, we brought enough.
Lon Tuttle: Well, in that case just step right down off them horses and hit the ground with your hands in the air!

Frank Jennings: Any of the old bunch still around?
Lon Tuttle: Not many. Fred Salter is in jail for cattle rustling. Sammy Page and Doc Wrightmire got themselves hung for horse stealing. And the last I heard of Pete Kincaid, he was down in Indian country for his health. He got a sudden attack of lead poisoning running away from a posse. That leaves me and Buck and Slim Harris.
Frank Jennings: Things must be pretty quiet around here.