Randall Culver
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Randall Culver (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner (#2.11)" (2012)
[first lines]
Randall Culver: [Daryl interrogates Randall for the location of his group] I told you...
Daryl Dixon: You told me shit!
Randall Culver: [Daryl slams Randall against the shed wall] I barely knew those guys. I met 'em on the road.
Daryl Dixon: How many in your group?

[Daryl interrogates Randall by digging his knife into Randall's scab wound]
Daryl Dixon: Did you ever pick off a scab?
Randall Culver: [Randall screams] Come on, man! I'm-I'm trying to cooperate.
Daryl Dixon: Start real slow at first.
Randall Culver: No.
Daryl Dixon: Sooner or later, you've just gotta rip it off.

[Randall tells Daryl about the men from his group]
Randall Culver: These... these people took me in. Not just guys... a whole group of 'em. Men and women, kids too... just like you people. Thought I'd have a better chance with them, you know? But... we go out, scavenge... just the men. One night, we-we found this little campsite. A man and his two daughters... teenagers, you know? Real young. Real cute.
Randall Culver: [as Daryl looks to Randall] Their daddy had to watch while these guys... they... and they didn't even kill him afterwards. They just... they just made him watch as his daughters... They just-just... just left him there. No, but-but... but I didn't touch those girls. No, I swear I didn't tou...
Randall Culver: [Daryl kicks Randall to the floor] Please. Please. You gotta believe me, man. I'm not like that. I ain't like that. Please. Please, you gotta believe me.
[when Daryl continues to kick Randall]

[Randall sees Carl look down at him from the top boards of the shed]
Randall Culver: [Randall whispers] Hey. That's a sweet hat. I'm Randall. What's your name? The sheriff guy... that your dad? I like him. Yeah, he's a good guy. I can tell. Your mom out here too? You're... you're lucky you still got your family. I lost mine.

[Shane holds a gun in Randall's mouth for talking to Carl]
Shane Walsh: [Shane yells] What did you say to him? What did you say to him, huh?
Randall Culver: I didn't say nothing.
Andrea Harrison: Hey, hey.
Shane Walsh: [Shane pulls his gun out] Let me tell you something... I will shoot you where you sit.
Andrea Harrison: Okay Shane, not now.
Shane Walsh: [Shane screams] Open your mouth. Open your mouth.
Andrea Harrison: Shane.
Shane Walsh: [Shane holds his finger on the trigger] You like talking, man? You like talking?
Andrea Harrison: Back off!

[Randall begs for his life to Rick]
Rick Grimes: Would you like to stand or kneel?
Randall Culver: [Randall begs] Oh, no, please. Ple... Ah-ah-ah.
Rick Grimes: [Randall begins crying] Do you have any final words?
Randall Culver: [Randall repeatedly cries] No, please. Please don't. Don't. Oh, please.
Carl Grimes: [Rick cocks his gun as Carl blurts out from behind] Do it, dad. Do it.

"The Walking Dead: Better Angels (#2.12)" (2012)
[Shane unties Randall out in the woods]
Randall Culver: So you're not gonna kill me?
Shane Walsh: Come on, man. If I was, you'd be dead.

[Shane walks Randall deeper into the woods]
Randall Culver: Hey, you ain't gotta be so rough. We're on the same side now. You're gonna like it with us. Gets a little crazy sometimes, but it's a tough bunch of guys. You'll fit in good.
Shane Walsh: Less talking, more walking.
Randall Culver: Look, I run my mouth when I get nervous. I can't help it. I got a lot going on, you know?
Shane Walsh: [Shane looks back towards the farm] It ain't all about you.
Randall Culver: I... I ain't saying it's about me. Just trying to...
[when Randall screams before the sound of a snap]

"The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out (#2.10)" (2012)
[Randall begs for Rick and Shane to not leave him in the middle of nowhere alone]
Randall Culver: I'm just some guy! I used to watch football and screw around on the Internet. I lived with my mom! I lost her like you lost people. I went to school with Maggie for God's sake!
Randall Culver: [as Rick and Shane stop walking away] I went to church. I rode the bench on varsity baseball.
Rick Grimes: [Rick yells] You went to school with Maggie? You go to school with Maggie? Answer the question!

[Rick stops Shane from shooting Randall dead]
Rick Grimes: Shane, no! Not now... just not now!
Shane Walsh: [Shane from the ground] Well, when, Rick? When?
Rick Grimes: When I've had a chance to think about it.
Randall Culver: Don't let him kill me. Please don't.
Rick Grimes: [Rick yells to Randall] Shut up!