Violet Weston
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Violet Weston (Character)
from August: Osage County (2013)

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August: Osage County (2013)
Violet Weston: I told you nobody slips anything by me.

Ivy Weston: Mom, Charles and I...
Barbara Weston: Little Charles.
Ivy Weston: Barbara.
Barbara Weston: You got to say Little Charles or she's not gonna know who you're talking about.
Ivy Weston: Little Charles and I... Little Charles and I...
Violet Weston: Little Charles and you are brother and sister. I know that.

Violet Weston: Truth is you just can't compete with a younger woman. It's just one of those unfair things in life. Is there a younger woman involved?
Barbara Weston: Isn't enough on this topic?
Bill Fordham: Yes, there is a younger woman.
Violet Weston: Well, see? Odds are against you there, babe.

Violet Weston: I thought we were having a funeral dinner not a cockfight.

Violet Weston: I'm a drug addict. I love drug.

Jean Fordham: [to Barbara] Mom, you're such a liar. No, stop, you are.
Violet Weston: You know if I ever call my mom a liar she would knock my goddamn head off my shoulders.

Violet Weston: You can't do this! This is my house! This is my house!
Barbara Weston: You don't get it, do you? You don't get it! I AM running things now!

Barbara Weston: It's the pills talking.
Violet Weston: Pills can't talk!

Violet Weston: Karen! Shame on you! Don't you know you're not supposed to say "Cowboys and Indians"? You played "Cowboys and Native Americans". Right, Barb?
Barbara Weston: What are you taking? What pills?
Violet Weston: Oh, leave me alone.

Violet Weston: Isn't there the TV commercial where the lady says: "Where is the meat?"
Mattie Fae Aiken: Where is the meat?
Karen Weston: Where is the beef?
Violet Weston: [annoyed] Where's the meat? Where's the meat? Where's the meat? Meat, meat, where is the meat?

Violet Weston: I'm not hungry!
Barbara Weston: Eat the fish, bitch!

Violet Weston: The only woman pretty enough not to wear makeup was Elizabeth Taylor, and she wore a ton.

Ivy Weston: Are you supposed to be smoking?
Violet Weston: Is anybody supposed to smoke?

Violet Weston: I'm so glad one of my girls stayed close to home. In my day, family stuck together.

Violet Weston: Why don't you go fuck a fuckin' sow's ass?

Little Charles Aiken: [getting up] I have a truth to tell.
Violet Weston: It speaks!

Violet Weston: [to Barbara, holding the pills] You see these babies? These are my best fuckin' friends and they never let me down. You try to take them away from me, I'll eat ya alive!

Barbara Weston: I want you to know you're not alone, if you need any help.
Violet Weston: No... I dont need help...
Barbara Weston: I-I wanna help...
Violet Weston: I dont need your help.
Barbara Weston: Mom...
Violet Weston: I dont need your help. I have got myself... I know how this goes. Once all the talking is threw, people just go back to their own nonsenses. I know that so, dont worry about me. I will manage.

Violet Weston: That man! What I first fell in love with was his mystery. I thought it was sexy as hell! You knew he was the smartest one in the room, then he'd just say something and knock you out. He'd just stand there with a little smile on his face and not say a word. Sexy!

Violet Weston: Every woman needs makeup. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

Violet Weston: I have an Indian in my house!

Violet Weston: I ever tell you the story of Raymond Qualls? Not much story to it. Boy I had a crush on when I was thirteen or so. Rough-looking boy, beat-up Levis, messy hair. Terrible underbite. But he had these beautiful cowboy boots, shiny chocolate leather. He was so proud of those boots, you could tell, way he'd strut around, all arms and elbows, puffed up and cocksure. I decided I needed to get a girly pair of those same boots and I convinced myself he'd ask me to go steady. He'd see me in those boots and say "Now there's the gal for me." Found the boots in a window downtown and just went crazy: praying for those boots, rehearsing the conversation I'd have with Raymond when he saw me in my boots. Must've asked my momma a hundred times if I could get those boots. "What do you want for Christmas, Vi?" "Momma, I'll give all of it up just for those boots." Bargaining, you know? She started dropping hints about a package under the tree she had wrapped up, about the size of a boot box, nice wrapping paper. "Now, Vi, don't you cheat and look in there before Christmas morning." Little smile on her face. Christmas morning, I was up like a shot, boy, under the tree, tearing open that box. There was a pair of boots, all right... men's work boots, holes in the toes, chewed up laces, caked in mud and dog shit. Lord, my momma laughed for days.

[last lines]
Violet Weston: And then you're gone.