Sean Pierce
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Sean Pierce (Character)
from "Nikita" (2010)

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"Nikita: Consequences (#3.4)" (2012)
Michael: Nothing says love like a bullet to a non-vital area.
Sean Pierce: [to Alex] So, how come you haven't shot ME yet?
Alex: Keep talking.

Sean Pierce: I could have told her
[to his mother he had promiced her]
Sean Pierce: to shut this place down. Resign from office,and run like hell.
Alex: We are shutting Division down. But it's gonna take some time. And, once we clean things up...
Sean Pierce: When I came here, it was a temporary post. "Supervise the clean-up." That's what she said. But no matter what I did the mess just kept getting bigger, and a year later she's gone, this place is standing, and you are still standing in it. Now I can't tell you what to do, Alex, but I'm not gonna stand by and watch this place destroy another person that I love.
Alex: What?
Sean Pierce: I love you. But, if that's not enough of a reason for you to leave, then I got no reason to stay.

"Nikita: Clawback (#2.7)" (2011)
[Nikita breaks into the room where Jonathan Gaines is. She points a gun at him, demanding that he reveals the names of "Oversight" members]
Jonathan Gaines: I can't.
Nikita: You will. Start talking!
[as Sean Pierce enters the room, Nikita turns Gaines around, using him as human shield. Sean draws his gun]
Sean Pierce: Let him go!
Nikita: Get back!
Jonathan Gaines: [to Sean] Shoot her, damn it! Shoot her!
[Roan and other guards enter, pointing their weapons]
Sean Pierce: Nikita, I know Ryan Fletcher is innocent. Just let him answer at court of law!
Nikita: Drop your guns, and I will.
[Roan uses his cell phone to call Amanda]
Roan: [to Amanda] Nikita's taken Gaines hostage. She's using him as a body shield. How should we proceed?
Amanda: I have to check with Oversight. Hold.
[Amanda examines her fingernails for a moment, then answers Roan, without checking with Oversight or anyone else]
Amanda: Kill them both.
[Roan nods and closes the phone]
Jonathan Gaines: [to Nikita] Want names? Senator Madeline Pier...
[when hearing his mother's name, Sean opens fire, killing Gaines. Nikita takes cover behind the sofa, while Sean, Roan and the other guards spray the room with bullets. Michael, from the top of the building on the opposite side of the street, opens fire into the rooms. Two of the guards are killed, the others are forced to take cover, allowing Nikita to escape safely]