Sid Plummer
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Sid Plummer (Character)
from Carry on at Your Convenience (1971)

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Carry on at Your Convenience (1971)
[Sid and Beattie Plummer are discussing the mating habits of budgerigars]
Beattie: Well, we know Joey's a he-bird...
Sid: Cock.
Beattie: He is! The man in the pet shop said so!

[W.C. Boggs on fortune tellers... ]
W.C.: Fakes, that's all they are, sitting there staring in their crystal whatsitsnames.
Sid: Balls.
W.C.: I quite agree!

[disguised as a fortune teller Sid is prognosticating on W. C. Boggs and Miss Withering's future]
Sid: I see a marriage and one, two, three... fourteen children!

[Miss Withering tests out Mr Boggs' new toilet seat]
W.C.: Well Miss Withering, how does it feel, comfortable?
Hortence Withering: Yes I think so Mr Boggs.
W.C.: Good, good. Comfort before beauty, that's what I always say.
Sid: It a bit big in the bowl, ain't it?
Charles Coote: It is only 2 centrementres more than our last model and I'm sure we shan't fall out over that.
Sid: Its falling in I'm worried about!
W.C.: No, no! I live your overall design Mr Coote.
Charles Coote: Oh thank you Sir.
Hortence Withering: May I get off now please?
W.C.: Yes of course Mrs Withering, and thank you you have been most patient.
Sid: Yes like Jove on a monument, and what a monument!
W.C.: Yes, we must make sure that the catch is strong enough to support the seat.
Sid: Do you mind if I try it?
W.C.: No, go ahead.
[Sid gets out his paper and starts moving around from side to side on the new toilet]
Sid: Yes I don't think I could stand it for more than half an hour.
Charles Coote: It was hardly designed for a reading room!
Sid: Ere... Look at this very slender this pedestle... Isn't it?
Charles Coote: It's streamlined!
Sid: What for, wind resistance?
Charles Coote: In any case the thickness has nothing to do whatsoever with the tensile strength.
W.C.: I hope your right Mr Coote. I have had bitter experience of what happens when one of these collapses, or rather my poor wife had, God rest her soul.

Sid: How about some food?
Beattie: Well I could make you some beans on toast or something?
Sid: No, nothing too elaborate, thank you.

Chloe Moore: Come on Fred, I'll get you something to eat.
Fred Moore: I could do with a bit.
Sid: Spoken like a true man!