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Dixie Cousins (Character)
from "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." (1993)

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"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: Pilot (#1.1)" (1993)
Peter Hutter: Dixie, I'm kinda a stickler for gun safety, could you move a little to the left.
Dixie Cousins: Don't you get it, he's somebody.
Peter Hutter: Sorry Dixie, existential thought don't carry much water out here in the territories.

Pete Hutter: Dixie, I'm kind of a stickler for gun safety. Could you move a little to the left?
Dixie Cousins: Don't you get it? He's somebody.
Pete Hutter: Sorry, Dixie, existential thought doesn't hold much water out here in the territories.

[conversation on board a runaway stagecoach]
Dixie Cousins: What do we do now?
Brisco County Jr.: Well, I can swing out, get a good foothold and climb up to the top of the stage. And then if I'm real careful and God is on my side, I could leap onto the back of the rear horse and work my way out to the lead team, taking care not to fall beneath their thundering hoofs. Then reach out, grab the bridle of the lead horse and rein them in to a safe and steady stop.
Dixie Cousins: Oh, my!
Brisco County Jr.: Or... we can jump!

Dixie Cousins: You like the bed? It comes from France.
Brisco County Jr.: Louis the Fourteenth?
Dixie Cousins: No. I think Louis was the Ninth or Tenth. But then, a lady never counts.
Brisco County Jr.: Oh? Then what are those notches on your bedpost?