Joshua Nolan
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Joshua Nolan (Character)
from "Defiance" (2013)

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"Defiance: Pilot, Part 1 (#1.1)" (2013)
Irisa: Go ahead, get killed.
Chief Lawkeeper Jeb Nolan: Hey, I got no intention of dying today,
Irisa: Most people don't. It still happens.

"Defiance: Beasts of Burden (#2.4)" (2014)
Mayor Amanda Rosewater: Anyone ever teach you to knock?
Irisa Nolan: I was raised by him.
Joshua Nolan: That's a good point.

"Defiance: If I Ever Leave This World Alive (#1.10)" (2013)
Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan: Hey kiddo.
Irisa: You're supposed to be resting.
Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan: I'll sleep when I'm dead.

"Defiance: The Cord and the Ax (#2.3)" (2014)
Mayor Niles Pottinger: I'm a direct man. I fancy Amanda. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have a problem with that.
Joshua Nolan: You know, I was pretty young when I enlisted. Never got a chance to experience high school. But this conversation right here, this is how I imagined it.

"Defiance: The Opposite of Hallelujah (#2.1)" (2014)
Irisa: You burned off my hair.
Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan: Nope, the explosion burned off your hair. I was blameless. Besides, short and sassy for those hot summer months. You wore it well.

"Defiance: Upon the March We Fittest Die (#3.13)" (2015)
Joshua Nolan: [Nolan and Doc Yewll are about to start the Omec starship] You don't happen to know any Johnny Cash, do you?
Doc Yewll: You start singing and I shoot you out the airlock.