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Ned Weeks (Character)
from The Normal Heart (2014) (TV)

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The Normal Heart (2014) (TV)
Ned Weeks: [to the President's advisor] What exactly does your title mean in terms of our plague?
John Bruno: We prefer not to use negative terms. It only scares people.
Ned Weeks: Well, there's 3,339 cases so far and 1,122 dead. Sounds like a plague to me. I'm scared, aren't you?

John Bruno: Do you really believe that anybody in a serious public office position in their heart of hearts or even in their most closeted meetings say to each other, "Hey guys, let's not get too upset about this?"
Ned Weeks: [to the President's advisor] Yes, your boss hasn't said the word AIDS out loud.

Bruce Niles: You don't look THAT Jewish.
Ned Weeks: And you don't look gay, so I guess we can both pass for white people.

Felix Turner: Ned, I have something to tell you.
Ned Weeks: You're finally pregnant!

Sarabeth Clare: You're accusing the government of the United States of a conspiracy to murder all gay men?
Ned Weeks: [pauses] Yes... Yes, you can say that. Yes, I am!

Ned Weeks: I am trying to understand why nobody gives a shit THAT WE'RE DYING!

Ben Weeks: Agreeing that you were born just the same as I was born isn't gonna save your dying friends.

Ned Weeks: [to his brother Ben] I am FURIOUS with you! And every goddamn doctor who made me think I was sick to love a man!

Ned Weeks: Ben, you mean more to me than anyone in the whole world. You always have. Ben, you've gotta say it!
Ben Weeks: Say what?
Ned Weeks: I am the same as you! Just say it! Say it!
Ben Weeks: [after a pause] No. You're not. I'm not gonna say it.
Ned Weeks: Every time I loose this fight it hurts more.

Ben Weeks: We have a difference of opinion over theory.
Ned Weeks: But your theory turns me into a man from Mars. My theory doesn't do that to you.
Ben Weeks: Are you suggesting I did something wrong in sending you into therapy so young? I didn't know you were gonna stay there forever!
Ned Weeks: I didn't think that I had done anything wrong until you sent me there!

Ned Weeks: Welcome to gay politics.

Ned Weeks: I belong to a culture that includes Marcel Proust, Walt Whitman, Tennessee Williams, Alexander the Great, so many popes and cardinals you wouldn't believe. Mr. Green Beret, did you know that it was an openly gay Englishman who's responsible for winning World War II? His name's Alan Turing and he cracked the Germans' Enigma code. After the war was over, he committed suicide because he was so hounded for being gay. Why didn't they teach any of that in schools? A gay man is responsible for winning World War II! If they did, maybe he wouldn't have killed himself and you wouldn't be so terrified of who you are. That's how I want to be remembered. As one of the men who won the war.