Zack Siler
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Zack Siler (Character)
from She's All That (1999)

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She's All That (1999)
Zach Siler: She kinda blew me off.
Mackenzie Siler: I like her already.

Zach Siler: What was that?
Laney Boggs: I was busy.
Zach Siler: Yeah, busy wiggin'.
Laney Boggs: I did not wig.
Zach Siler: Oh, there was major wiggage.

Zach Siler: This is all fascinating, Taylor, but could you skip to the part where you decided to screw me over.

Zach Siler: Sometimes when you open up to people, you let the bad in with the good.

Zach Siler: All you have left is a C minus GPA with a Wonderbra.

Zach Siler: Give her the right look, the right boyfriend, and bam. In six weeks she's being named prom queen.

Zach Siler: So, Laney, I was wondering if you wanted to...
[Laney walks away]
Zach Siler: ...embarrass me horribly in front of all these people.

Taylor Vaughan: Jump up my ass Zach.
Zach Siler: Been there, done that.

Zach Siler: So, can I have the last dance?
Laney Boggs: No, you can have the first.

Zach Siler: Has anyone see Taylor?
Chandler: What?
Zach Siler: You know, Taylor, my girlfriend.
Dean Sampson: Kinda tall, yells at everyone?

Zach Siler: Brock Hudson? What kind of a name is that?
Taylor Vaughan: What kind of a name is "Zach?" OK, Brock is from "The Real World."
Zach Siler: What, Resceda?
Taylor Vaughan: No, like the TV show. "Real World LA", second season, hello!
Zach Siler: The dyslexic volleyball guy? They kicked him out of the house.

Zach Siler: [Simon is being bullied by Munge and Derek in the cafeteria and are separated by Zach] You're gonna take your magazine, get over there, and you apologize to my friend Simon.
Derek Funkhouser Rutley: [half-heartedly] Sorry.
Jeffrey Munge Rylander: [guardedly] Sorry.
Zach Siler: [to Derek] You... pube boy. Grab the pizza.
[Derek holds the pube-laced pizza up]
Zach Siler: Well?
Derek Funkhouser Rutley: Well what?
Zach Siler: [smiles] What do you think? Hoover it.
[Derek hesitates]
Zach Siler: Now!
[others groan in disgust]
Zach Siler: That's it... chew, chew, chew.
Zach Siler: [after Munge chuckles] Don't finish that... Munge wants some of the action.
Jeffrey Munge Rylander: No way, man. Those are his pubes.
Zach Siler: Well, you should have thought about that before you picked on my friend Simon.
Simon Boggs: [gloating to Munge] Hoover it.
Jeffrey Munge Rylander: [Derek hands pizza to Munge] Thanks.