Robert Mallory
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Robert Mallory (Character)
from The Awakening (2011/I)

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The Awakening (2011/I)
Robert Mallory: There have been other sightings. The boys believe...
Florence Cathcart: Boys believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I'm sure some of them even believe in God.

Robert Mallory: [holding newspapers] What about these?
Florence Cathcart: Those are footprint catchers.
Robert Mallory: Ghosts have footprints?
Florence Cathcart: No. People pretending to be ghosts do.
Robert Mallory: They must hate you.
Florence Cathcart: Who? The spiritualists?
Robert Mallory: No. The ghosts.

Robert Mallory: It's never darker than when we close our eyes, and yet we keep them shut. Why is that?