Mr. Jack
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Mr. Jack (Character)
from Little Fish, Strange Pond (2009)

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Little Fish, Strange Pond (2009)
Mr. Jack: You know what? Today was a great day.
Sweet Stephan: It was a day.
Mr. Jack: The perfect mix of intrigue, danger, tragedy, love, sex, violence and plain old American fun.
Sweet Stephan: You're not from England, you know.

Dennis Rivers: Look, he's a trigger happy cop and you're nothing but a pseudo-intellectual psychopath whose realities mean nothing to anyone but yourself and your dead sidekick.
Mr. Jack: Just because a man is fucking crazy doesn't make his opinion less fucking valid.

Mr. Jack: [last lines]
Sweet Stephan: Hey, you're not from England you know.
Mr. Jack: No, I'm not.

Sweet Stephan: So, he-hey, do you know why Philly robbed the porno store or not?
Mr. Jack: The answer is yes. And if you gave it some thought, you'd know too.
Sweet Stephan: I don't like thinking, you just tell me.
Mr. Jack: The answer is elementary my dear Stephen. Evil, begets evil.
Sweet Stephan: And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Mr. Jack: It means, that there is a logical, and natural force in the world. It preserves things spherically. Everything that goes around comes around. What goes up, must come down. You with me?
Sweet Stephan: I'm with you so far.
Mr. Jack: Good work and hard effort will undoubtedly reap reward. Do something good, something good will come from it. Right?
Sweet Stephan: Right.
Mr. Jack: Well, the opposite is true. Do something wicked, something wicked, this way comes.
Sweet Stephan: Equate this to the fucking porno store.
Mr. Jack: Well, contrary to popular belief, the selling of sex in any form is wrong. I'm not saying I agree with it, but check your bible, they're not going for it.
Sweet Stephan: Is-masturbation evil?
Mr. Jack: According to my mother yes. Thank god she's dead.
Sweet Stephan: So the very existence of the porno store-was conceived in evil.
Mr. Jack: Wickedness, yes.
Sweet Stephan: And Bucky had something coming to him because he satisfied my desire to see other people fucking.
Mr. Jack: Voyeurism, correct. Gentlemen!
[to passerby]
Sweet Stephan: So, Philly was sent in to even things out an eye for an eye-why would he get his head blown off by Tommy the cop?
Mr. Jack: There are various levels, of evil. Selling porno in a crappy Los Angeles hellhole is not as evil as robbing that same place and shooting an innocent clerk. There's an unbalance there and the-forces of nature don't allow for that kind of thing.
Sweet Stephan: So... Because the evil committed by Philly far outweighed the evil committed by Bucky, an arbitrator had to be brought in.
Mr. Jack: An interloper.
Sweet Stephan: Tommy the cop.
Mr. Jack: Precisely.
Sweet Stephan: And evil begets evil.
Mr. Jack: By George, I think you've got it.
Sweet Stephan: What makes you so sure he wouldn't-turn our lights out?
Mr. Jack: You said it yourself in the porno store. Wasn't in his nature. Really Stephen. You don't give yourself enough credit.
Sweet Stephan: I could've been wrong. You know? If that cop had come in two seconds later-.
Mr. Jack: It was fate then.
Sweet Stephan: Fate's what people believe in when it's the last choice they've got.
Mr. Jack: Oh my, I disagree. I think fate had everything to do with it. It was fate that we were in the store to begin with. It was fate that there was a clerk behind the counter, and it was his fate to die today. I believe in fate as much as I believe in love.
Sweet Stephan: I know you do. But that doesn't make a difference. You didn't know.
Mr. Jack: Well I'll tell you this I go by two things, intuition, and assumption. Intuition tells me what to think and how to act. And assumption rules out the rest.
Sweet Stephan: And you'd risk your life based on that line of shit?
Mr. Jack: If we stop assuming, we'll lose something important. An assumption, is a leap of faith to believe that, something that we really want to believe is actually true. If we stop making assumptions, we might just lose our faith.
Sweet Stephan: I was scared.
Mr. Jack: And that's okay.
Sweet Stephan: Uh, what if uh-my intuition tells me-that we're both gonna die-soon?
Mr. Jack: Sweet Stephen, everything dies. The world is a circle, and everything dies.