Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk
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Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk (Character)
from Into the White (2012/I)

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Into the White (2012/I)
Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk: [the first time he speaks in English] Nice shooting.
Gunner Robert Smith: Did you just... speak?

Gunner Robert Smith: What's your name, again? Me, Smith. You?
[Strunk doesn't answer]
Gunner Robert Smith: [shouting] What's your name?
Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk: Strunk!

Gunner Robert Smith: I'm a man of principles. Wanna hear one?
Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk: No.
Gunner Robert Smith: Do whatever makes you happy.
Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk: What about responsibility?
Gunner Robert Smith: And what about the responsability of being happy?