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Jason Locke (Character)
from "Airwolf" (1987)

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"Airwolf: Blackjack (#1.1)" (1987)
Jason Locke: Listen, Hawke. Archangel has been stationed somewhere in the Far East. I've taken over your file.
Stringfellow Hawke - Special Guest Star: Real nice of him to tell me about it. Okay, spill it. What's going on?
Jason Locke: I really am sorry what happened with your brother. But you know the scene here. They don't tell me, I don't tell you.
Stringfellow Hawke - Special Guest Star: [snatches the envelope with the cassette] This says here my brother's still alive.
Jason Locke: [takes it back] A scribbled note and a tape so scrambled this could be my mother. Adds up to squat, and you know it. You know, this isn't my idea of a good time, either. But according to orders, you're my pain in the butt and I'm yours. So you better sit tight. I'll access our files on St. John and verify what I'm saying. In the meantime, be patient.
Stringfellow Hawke - Special Guest Star: [hostilely] I have.

[Jo places a bouquet on Dominic's grave. Unknown to her, Jason watches. Then she goes to visit Stringfellow at the V.A. hospital. A company guard stops her, telling her nobody is allowed inside]
Jo Santini: [raises her voice] I've been listening to that for three days now, and I'm not listening anymore!
[Jason approaches Jo and shows her his badge]
Jason Locke: Miss Santini? My name's Locke. I'd like to ask you a few questions about your uncle, Dominic Santini, and about Stringfellow Hawke.
Jo Santini: [sharply] What do they have to do with you people?
Jason Locke: We had a mutual interest in Airwolf.
Jo Santini: I don't know what that is and right now, I'm not in the mood to find out. So if you don't mind...
[Jo looks angrily at both men. The guard moves aside and lets her enter the room where Stringfellow is in a coma, connected to life-support system and his hands are bandaged. Jo leaves the door open]
Jo Santini: String? It's me, Jo.
[Stringfellow's lips move. Jo sits next to the bed, eyes filled with tears]
Jo Santini: I know you can hear me. I'm going to stay here until you come out of this. You and uncle Dom were the only family I ever had. I'm not gonna let you go, too.
[Jason closes the door]

[Jason walks through thick vegetation, looking for Mike Rivers, until he finds a tent]
Jason Locke: Rivers?
[Jason looks inside. Mike is lying idly, reading a book and sipping from a glass]
Jason Locke: Major Rivers.
Major Mike Rivers: Hello, Locke.
Jason Locke: I thought you were supposed to be on some sort of survival training course. Where are the others?
Major Mike Rivers: Oh, they'll catch up in two - three hours. I'd offer you a drink, but I seem to have run out of glasses.
Jason Locke: I've got a new assignment for you.
[Jason gives Mike an envelope]
Major Mike Rivers: Sorry. I'm all booked.
Jason Locke: Well, get unbooked. You've got yourself a new partner. Partner.
Major Mike Rivers: [takes the envelope] Orders? Does it say I can't finish my drink first?
[Locke looks at Mike impatiently]
Major Mike Rivers: [sips from his glass] Cheers.

[Jason and Mike watch a film of Airwolf]
Jason Locke: Airwolf's capable of Mach speeds, stealth, and whisper modes, infrared and radar jamming. Its surveillance equipment is state of the art, and its weapons are damn near unbeatable. Think you can fly her?
Major Mike Rivers: If it moves, I can fly her.
Jason Locke: It's somewhere up the West Coast. Probably isolated country. But we got to find her, and fast.

[Jason checks the computer files]
Computer voice: Subject name: St. John Hawke - no such file.
[Jason plays the audio cassette, listening to it intently, especially to phrases "Blackjack" and "Storm Season"]
Jason Locke: Blackjack.
[Jason types "Blackjack"]
Computer voice: Code name: Blackjack - no such file.
[sighing, Jason types "Storm Season"]
Computer voice: Operation Storm Season. Terminated July 12, 1985. Armstrong, W. - deceased. Kingsley, M. - deceased. Hawke, S.J. - file deleted. Montrose, A. - inactive.
Jason Locke: All right. Here we go.
[Jason types "Montrose"]
Computer voice: Montrose, Alexander. Status: inactive. Residence: 244 Farm Lane Millis, MA. Birth: May 9, 1942. Military: U.S. army 1950-68. Company status: 1969-85. Operations: file deleted.

[Jason Locke visits Alexander Montrose, formerly an agent of the Company, now a bitter old man confined to a wheelchair. Monstrose points a gun at Jason]
Alexander Montrose: Show me your pedigree.
[Jason shows his badge]
Alexander Montrose: I don't work for the Company anymore. You should know that.
Jason Locke: I'm here to find out about St. John Hawke, Mr. Montrose.
Alexander Montrose: He's dead. When they rolled up Operation Storm Season, I was all that was left.
[Montrose lowers the gun]
Alexander Montrose: A 9mm slug in my spine and not very happy memories. You should know that, too. It's in the files.
Jason Locke: Well, unfortunately, most of our files have... shall we say, disappeared.
Alexander Montrose: [bitterly] We don't even rate a file? That's gratitude.
Jason Locke: What happened to Hawke?
Alexander Montrose: St. John and I were captured by the Khmer Rouge a year ago.
[a flashback of the mission]
Alexander Montrose: The Company financed a rescue mission. It was a total disaster. They hired an independent, a Brit mercenary called Colonel Ray Bojard, he led the mission. Oh, he got into the prison alright, we got cut to ribbons on the way out. I got this slug. St. John bought it.
Jason Locke: You saw him go down?
Alexander Montrose: [shakes his head] Bojard did. He was standing right next to St. John.
Alexander Montrose: [sadly] They say you don't make friends in the field. But I did. St. John was my friend.
Jason Locke: Blackjack. Does that mean anything to you?
Alexander Montrose: Blackjack? That was Bojard's nickname.
Jason Locke: Thank you for your time, Mr. Montrose.
[Jason leaves]

Jason Locke: Look, I realize this is a bad time for you, Miss Santini, but there's still a few things I've got to find out. How close were you to Hawke and St. John?
Jo Santini: We were family. Uncle Dom was like a father to all three of us. He taught us all how to fly.
Jason Locke: [sits] Did he ever talk to you about his work?
Jo Santini: I figured there was more to their rent-a-plane business than they let on.
Jason Locke: Did they ever confide in you?
Jo Santini: What is it you want exactly, Mr. Locke?
Jason Locke: My friends call me Jason.
Jo Santini: Whatever you say, Mr. Locke. Do you know what they were doing?
Jason Locke: Let me just say that you can be very proud of the work that they've done for this country.
Jo Santini: [quietly] Thanks.
[Jason stands and starts to walk away. Then he stops and turns to Jo]
Jason Locke: Miss Santini, did you know that Hawke still believes that St. John is alive?
Jo Santini: [lying] Well, if he does, he never mentioned it to me.
Jason Locke: I'll be in touch. Good night, Miss Santini.
Jo Santini: Good night.
[Locke exits. Jo notices an envelope near the door - the same size and color of the previous envelope she found in the helicopter. She picks it up. It's addressed to "Stringfellow Hawke" - the same handwriting too. She opens it and finds a ring inside which she examines closely]

[at the Company headquarters, Jason Locke reports to his supervisor]
Jason Locke: No, sir, she appeared to know nothing about the brother.
Newman: Did she mention Airwolf, Mr. Locke?
Jason Locke: No, sir, she didn't. I have no reason to believe she's aware of its existence.
Newman: Make sure. I want Airwolf. The Company wants Airwolf back.
Jason Locke: [nods] I'm working on that, sir.
Newman: Anything on Stringfellow Hawke?
Jason Locke: He said nothing. I've put the word out on the street that he's on special assignment, deep cover.
Newman: Good. That's all, Mr. Locke.
Jason Locke: About St. John Hawke, sir...
Newman: [firmly] That case is closed.
Jason Locke: He spent two and a half years MIA before we got him out. Then the fool went into deep undercover work for the agency, just like the rest of us. If he is alive, we have to find him.
Newman: What you do in your spare time is your own business. Good night, Mr. Locke.
[Locke leaves. Newman looks at the photo of Col. Bojard]

[Locke and Rivers drive to where Airwolf is hidden]
Jason Locke: Tell me something, Rivers: How is it no one's been able to solve this problem but you?
Major Mike Rivers: Well, we got a hundred possibilities from multispectral sweeps, but the key was high resolution photographs. And a bit of keen logic.
Jason Locke: I'm sorry I asked.
Major Mike Rivers: [points at the aerial photograph] See, they'd been in and out of their lair so often that I figured that their prop wash must have formed a distinct pattern on the landscape. And there it is. Turn right at the next crossroads.
Jason Locke: Unbelievable.
[they fail to notice that Airwolf is flying above the car until Rivers hears the sound of its engines]
Major Mike Rivers: Pull over!
Jason Locke: What?
Major Mike Rivers: Can't you hear it?
[Locke stops the car. They exit and look at Airwolf]
Major Mike Rivers: That your baby, partner?
Jason Locke: Damn, someone beat us to it.
Major Mike Rivers: Wouldn't I just love to lay my hands on that ship.
Jason Locke: Come on.
[they enter the car and follow Airwolf to the hideout. Airwolf lands inside. Locke and Rivers enter the cave, Locke pointing his gun. They glance at the machinery and approach Airwolf. Locke points his gun at the cockpit]
Jason Locke: All right, come out of there.
[the pilot exits]
Jason Locke: Who are you? What are you doing here?
[the pilot removes the helmet and is revealed to be Jo. Locke watches her puzzled, then lowers the gun. Jo puts the helmet inside the helicopter, closes the door and faces the two men]

Major Mike Rivers: [smiles] Well, you sure know how to make an entrance. That was you flying that thing?
Jo Santini: It was me. Who are you?
Jason Locke: Miss Santini, what the hell are you doing here? This machine is top secret.
Jo Santini: WAS top secret, Mr. Locke.
Major Mike Rivers: Santini? Dom Santini's...
Jo Santini: [shakes Mike's hand] Niece. I'm Jo.
Major Mike Rivers: I'm Mike. Mike Rivers. It's nice to meet you. You're a great flyer, you know?
Jo Santini: Thanks. She's a great machine. Want to check her out?
Major Mike Rivers: Yeah.
Jason Locke: All right, you two, hold it right there. Miss Santini, I don't know what the hell you're up to, but I'm going to have to order you to leave this area right now.
Jo Santini: [scoffs] That's not how it works. I found her first and I'm not finished with her.
[Jo turns to Mike]
Jo Santini: You any good in the air?
Jason Locke: Miss Santini, let's get one thing straight. This machine belongs to...
Jo Santini: Look, Jason, I know your people want her back. I just think we can help each other. I want to find St. John. I know he's alive.
Jason Locke: I think so, too. Trouble is, I don't know where he is.
Major Mike Rivers: [smiles] Well, don't look at me.
Jo Santini: I do. Look inside.
[Jo hands Locke the ring that was sent to Stringfellow. He examines it closely and notices letters and digits inscribed on the inside]
Jason Locke: Coordinates?
Major Mike Rivers: Well, what are we waiting for?

[Jo, Mike Rivers and Jason Locke enter Airwolf]
Major Mike Rivers: This baby is incredible!
Jo Santini: Check out the turbo thrusters.
Major Mike Rivers: [turns on the weapon systems] Sunburst decoys, missiles, chain guns... this is a flying army!
Jason Locke: Now you can see why the Company wants to get its hands back on it.
Jo Santini: Well, if we're going to do it...
Major Mike Rivers: Let's do it!
[they put on helmets. Jo turns on the engines. Locke pulls the throttle. Airwolf flies out of the hideout]
Jason Locke: Coordinates?
Jo Santini: Locked and set.
Major Mike Rivers: Going to afterburner. Hold on.
[Airwolf flies to the military camp in Burma]

[St. John flies Airwolf back to the secret hideout where Jo, Mike and Jason wait. Mike cleans a helmet]
Major Mike Rivers: Can you hear it this time, Jason?
Jason Locke: Music to my ears.
[they watch admiringly at Airwolf as it lands inside. St. John turns off the engines and exits]
St. John Hawke: There was something I had to do.
Jason Locke: We'll all have a lot to do from now on.
Jo Santini: Locke has an idea.
Major Mike Rivers: [joking] Yeah, I think it's his way of keeping me off the streets.
Jason Locke: The fact is, we got the best of everything, right here in this room. I'd like to continue what we started.
Jo Santini: But we need you, St. John, to complete the team.
Jason Locke: We keep Airwolf our secret, but we work for the Company. What do you say?
[St. John contemplates. Mike hands him the helmet. St. John takes it, smiles, and shakes their hands. Jo hugs St. John. The four companions walk away]