Alexandra Gelbart
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Alexandra Gelbart (Character)
from A Late Quartet (2012)

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A Late Quartet (2012)
Juliette Gelbart: Why are you so angry with me? What did I do to cause you to talk to me in this way? I mean, did we just spoil you too much? Is that what it is?
Alexandra Gelbart: Do you think I had fun? Do you think it was fun growing up with two roving quartet players as parents? Who were gone 7 months of the year and I was always taking a back seat to a violin and a viola? Always. Is that fun? Does that seem fun to you?
Juliette Gelbart: You have always been our first priority.
Alexandra Gelbart: That is bullshit! That's bullshit, that's just words. That's nothing.

Alexandra Gelbart: When the gates are secured, emotions are welcomed. We can all sit down ready to be swept away. It's the ideal quartet.

Alexandra Gelbart: You treat him like a doormat and he's going to start to wonder what's outside the door.