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Quotes for
Will (Character)
from Misunderstood (1984)

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Misunderstood (1984)
Miles: Can we go to the Souks and get a camel ride?
Will: I would like to visit the cemetery again. What'd I say wrong?
Miles: Yeah, let's go to the cemetery. We can see Mommy.
Andrew: [remembering what he had heard at a local Arab funeral] Yeah, and afterwards we can kill a lamb and have a feast.
Ned Rawley: Andrew, what are you talking about?
Andrew: [suddenly withdrawn, sensing he has said something inappropriate] Nothing.
Miles: [not giving up] Let's go.
Ned Rawley: I don't think so.
Will: Why not?
Ned Rawley: 'Cause I don't think it's a good idea.
Miles: Awww, shit.
[Andrew and Uncle Will try to keep from laughing]
Miles: Time for bed, right?
[his father nods]
Miles: Merd?
[Uncle Will now laughs openly as Miles leaves the table]