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Quotes for
Hunter Scangarelo (Character)
from "The Sopranos" (1999)

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"The Sopranos: Made in America (#6.21)" (2007)
Carmela Soprano: [Carmela enters Meadow's room] Miss Hunter, long time no see, oh my God when was it?
Hunter Scangarelo: [they shake hands] How are you Mrs. Soprano?
Carmela Soprano: It was right around when you "quit college"
Hunter Scangarelo: Your being kind I was kicked out for partying and drunk driving
Carmela Soprano: I didn't want to say but that was always you, so what are you up to now?
Hunter Scangarelo: I'm in my second year of med school
Carmela Soprano: [Surprised] oh
Hunter Scangarelo: Yeah I completed under grad at Purchase got my act together

"The Sopranos: Toodle-Fucking-Oo (#2.3)" (2000)
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: [Watching a drunk and high Hunter dancing in the front lawn of his mom's house] Hey J-Lo where is Meadow?
Hunter Scangarelo: [Looking confused] I don't know... I give up!