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Roberta Procter (Character)
from "In Plain Sight" (2008)

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"In Plain Sight: Who's Bugging Mary? (#2.9)" (2009)
Mary Shannon: [Brandi is about to sign a deal with the U.S. Attorney] Don't sign anything.
Robert O'Conner: Who let you back in here?
A.U.S.A. Renner: Inspector, you're interrupting a private meeting.
Jinx Shannon: Mary. They offered her twenty-five years. They were going to indict you.
Mary Shannon: It's BS. The whole case is a big steaming pile. That's why they want to make a deal.
Roberta Procter: That's what I tried to tell her.
A.U.S.A. Renner: Fine. Roll the dice, your sister will be sitting right by your side.
Mary Shannon: Really? With Nick Bennetti as your star witness? A meth addict who's made a career out of testifying against other meth addicts?
Robert O'Conner: Inspector, you have no place in this room.
Mary Shannon: Come on. Not a shred of physical evidence. And you've got to know what a liability this numbnut is. According to Albuquerque PD reports, Special Agent Robert O'Conner took control of the kidnapping investigation at approximately 3:45 pm. According to FBI documents, Ms. Shannon received an incriminating phone call from Spanky Carter at exactly 9:58 pm. So while Ms. Shannon was on the phone, allegedly masterminding a complicated murder-kidnapping plot, she was in Agent O'Conner's custody, which means you're either directly involved in the conspiracy or incredibly inept at your job. Which will you claim when you take the stand? Now do you see why they wanted to make a deal? They don't have any hard evidence. They have a meth cooker trying to avoid a third strike for a witness and Inspector Clouseau running the case.