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Biography for
Mr. Devlin (Character)
from Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred (2011) (TV)

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Mr. Jake Devlin (Seth Morris) is Fred's (Lucas Cruikshank) new music teacher who replaced Mrs Felson (Irene Roseen). He is the main antagonist of the film. He starts dating Fred's mom (Siobhan Fallon Hogan) and Fred thinks he is a vampire due to his weird habits, such as having an umbrella outside during the day and digging in his garden at night. Mr. Devlin performs at a recital, which Fred confronts him at with a water pistol (which he calls a "Master Blaster") filled with garlic sauce (as garlic kills vampires). Fred has a fantasy of where he arrives at the recital and sprays garlic sauce everywhere, and when he sprays it at Kevin (Jake Weary) he evaporates, revealing that he was a vampire. Mr. Devlin then grabs Kevin's sister Talia (Ariel Winter) and tells Fred that it is over and he's lost. But Fred sprays him with garlic and he evaporates. But during the real confrontation he sprays garlic sauce everywhere and all over Talia, who is angry with him. The next day at school, Kevin and Diesel (Carlos Knight) make fun of Fred for what he did, but Devlin tells them off and invites Fred over to dinner at his house. Fred arrives at his house with a secret camera, which is filming a secret live video feed on the internet, which everyone watches. As Devlin makes the dinner, Fred explores his house, filming his camera. He finds a secret room with raw meat and pots hanging up everywhere. Then Mr. Devlin walks in with a headress, and Fred drops his camera, and the video pauses on a shot of Mr Devlin walking in with the headress. When they have dinner, Mr Devlin explains his weird habits and hopes Fred can accept him for who he is and become his friend. Fred becomes friends with Devlin, but the next day at school everyone had watched Fred's live video and congratulates him on surviving. Then everyone thinks he is a vampire. After school, Fred arrives at Mr Devlin's house to apologise, but Devlin does not answer the door as he is watching the video right at that moment. Saddened, he turns off his computer. Fred wonders what to do, then realises that if he makes everyone think he is a vampire, they'll focuse on him and leave Mr Devlin alone. He invites Bertha (Daniella Monet) round his house to help him dress up like a vampire. Meanwhile, Kevin has to babysit Talia because his mother (Stephanie Courtney) is going out. Talia sneaks out of the house and goes to Fred's. Fred and Bertha explain to him what is going on. When Kevin realises that Talia is gone, he suspects that Devlin has captured her and invites Diesel and a bunch of his friends over to go and rescue her. When they arrive at Devlin's, Devlin says that Talia is not in there and there is no such thing as vampires. As Fred, Bertha and Talia realise what Kevin and his friends are doing, they slightly alter their plan and have Fred dress up as a vampire and tell Kevin and his friends that he is a vampire and he has Talia. So Bertha walks up to Kevin and says, "It's not Devlin. It's him!" and points to Fred. Fred walks out of his garage carrying Talia (who is posing as if she is unconscious) and says he is going to bite her and turn her into a vampire. Bertha hands Kevin a pencil and tells him to drive it through Fred's heart. When Kevin does so, Fred screams and fake blood squirts out of his chest and drenches Kevin and his friends. Kevin's friends run off, and Kevin looks down at Fred's "corpse". Then Fred supposedly comes back to life and hisses at Kevin, who runs off. The next day, Devlin thanks Fred for correcting his mistake and reveals he is moving town. But when Fred's mom and Devlin go out for a date, Fred looks in the mirror and sees that Devlin has no reflection as the movie ends.

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