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Donkey (Character)
from Bellman and True (1987)

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Bellman and True (1987)
[the Wheelman is driving the getaway car after the robbery and hears on the police radio that the police are getting very close]
The Wheelman: I used to live round here. Hold tight.
[he swerves onto a farm track, through some greenhouses and heads towards a fence]
Guv'nor: [shouts] That's a bloody fence! Christ! Where are you going? You stupid... Where are we going now?
The Wheelman: [calmly] We can cut through round here, back onto the estate.
Donkey: [shouts] There's no road. Where is it? There's no road!
[the Wheelman sees two garages with a narrow gap between them]
The Wheelman: Shit! These weren't here last year.
Donkey: [ironically] No? Well they're here now!
[the Wheelman tries to get through the gap, but the car jams, so he reverses and tries again, repeatedly]
Guv'nor: [shouts] Where are you going, Richie?
The Wheelman: Trying to get us out of here.
Guv'nor: [shouts] It won't work!
The Peterman: Can we get out!
The Wheelman: That's what I'm trying to do.
The Peterman: No, get out and walk.
Donkey: Look, you don't understand the basic laws of physics. The hole is too small.
[after many attempts, the Wheelman manages to get the car through the gap]
Guv'nor: Have you *any* idea where you're going?
[after narrowly escaping being crushed by an oncoming lorry as they overtake a coach, they arrive at some waste ground where they dump the car]
The Wheelman: [apologetically] Sorry about the last bit, Guv. Bit untoward.
Guv'nor: Don't worry, Richie. Anyone else would still be modifying greenhouses. Be lucky, son.