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Quotes for
Victor (Character)
from Cheats (2002)

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Cheats (2002)
Victor: Hey, I kick all ass.

Victor: He was ambushed by his own fake brother!

Victor: Dude, we just pissed on her life!

Victor: I hate her, I hate the grade book, and I hate her fake little kids.

Victor: It's like I always say: you can't trust a fake brother.

Victor: I stand before you knee-deep in the bullshit.

Victor: That's one horny little bastard.

Victor: I was blown away! It turns out Greedy was just as horny as Horny.

Victor: I don't get it, none of the girls will give their notes. It's like they all of a sudden have self-esteem.
Handsome: That's impossible.

Victor: He doesn't know karate like my karate.

Handsome: Crippled elves do dance around a devil covered by blue dress, dairy causes diarrhea, chunky, creamy, butter cheese,
All: Bad Billy does dope, bitches and brews but can't even build a cigarette boat,
Victor: All a bang booze every day above a bridge behind a cave,
All: carpet crawler can't eat eagle, before chicken during day!