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Superwoman (Character)
from All-Star Superman (2011) (V)

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Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010) (V)
Superwoman: Do you realize what we could do with this?
Owlman: The philosophical implications are tremendous, of course.
Superwoman: Philosophy. There's an infinite number of Earths out there to conquer. You and me. We wouldn't have to share our cut with the Syndicate.
Owlman: That's certainly one way to go.

Owlman: Every decision we make is meaningless because somewhere, on a parallel Earth, we have already made the opposite choice. We're nothing. Less than nothing.
Superwoman: How can you say that? We're rich. We're conquerors.
Owlman: [pointing at alternate Earths] And here we're poor. We're slaves. And here, our parents never met, so we were never born. Here, the world ended in nuclear war. Here, no fish was brave enough to crawl up on land and humans never evolved. And so on, ad infinitum.

Superwoman: [to Batman] Whatever will I do with you? I could use this to send you away. Perhaps here... an Earth where humanity has mutated into hideous creatures of the night. No. You might like that.

Superwoman: Enjoy yourselves while you can. My friends are gonna tear you apart.
Flash: Told you we should have left her.
Wonder Woman: We couldn't take the chance she'd escape and warn them we're coming.
Superwoman: When I get lose, I'm killing you right after Batman. Uhh!
Wonder Woman: [punches Superwoman] Doesn't mean we have to listen to her, though.

Superwoman: Stay down. You're outnumbered.
Batman: Count again.
[teleports more Justice League members aboard]
Firestorm: You guys are in trouble.
Batman: Take them.

Superwoman: [to Batman] You've got possibilities, little man.

Superwoman: [as she blocks Batman's punch] That's going to cost you a rib.
[squeezes the left side of Batman's ribcage to break a rib]