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Twist Morgan (Character)
from "Spaced" (1999)

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"Spaced: Gatherings (#1.2)" (1999)
Twist Morgan: Daisy. Don't you look nice? Bit of a midriff show. Big's in this season. Good for you.

Twist: Hi. Interesting outfit.
Marsha: Oh, thanks. Thought I'd make an effort.
Twist: Mm, yeah. I can really see what you tried to do.
Marsha: [slightly hurt] Yeah, cheers.

['The Time Warp' from 'The Rocky Horror Show' has started playing]
Twist: [getting up to dance] Ooh, Time Warp!
Marsha: [squeaky voice, mimicking Twist] Ooh, Time Warp!
Tim: [disappointed] Oh, Time Warp?

Twist: It's quite a nice flat. It'll be better when you've unpacked and cleaned up a little.
Daisy: [sheepishly] This is it, actually.

"Spaced: Epiphanies (#1.6)" (1999)
Twist: Where's Brian?
Daisy: Yeah, Tim, where's Brian?
Tim: Up his own arse.
Twist: You don't like him?
Tim: I do like him, I'm just not sure why.

"Spaced: Dissolution (#2.6)" (2001)
Twist Morgan: You're not betraying the sisterhood just by brushing your hair once in a while.

"Spaced: Change (#2.2)" (2001)
[Brian is in his room, getting very into his painting, breathing heavily. The phone rings, he answers it]
Brian: Hello?
Twist Morgan: [calling him from the dry cleaners] Brian, it's me.
Brian: Hello me.
Twist Morgan: How are you?
Brian: Very well, thank you.
Twist Morgan: I miss you.
Brian: Miss me too.
Twist Morgan: Would you like to come out for drinks later?
Brian: Yes, please.
Twist Morgan: [sexily] Then I can come and stay at yours, I don't have to work tomorrow, we can stay in bed all day.
Brian: [grinning] Mmmmm...
Twist Morgan: [Giggles] So don't forget to wash your sheets.
Brian: Right.
Twist Morgan: And your penis.