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Quotes for
Karan R. Singhania (Character)
from Rang De Basanti (2006)

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Rang De Basanti (2006)
Ajay Rathod: I'm proud of my country.
Karan: Really, exactly what are you proud of? The Poverty?
Aslam: No, he's proud of the Unemployment
Karan: Or are you proud of the Corruption?
Ajay Rathod: No country is perfect, Kran we have to work to make it perfect.
Karan: Tell you what Ajay, you go on trying to make this country perfect, once I get into a college, i'm pushing of to America, nothing's ever going to get better in this garbage dump.

Karan: [refering to India] Here you try to change the syste and the system changes you.

Karan: Dad, please don't start this lecture.
Rajnath Singhania: SMS Generation! Say four lines, and they call it a lecture!

Ajay Rathod: Laxman, you coming for the party, right?
Laxman Pandey: No... Some other time maybe.
Ajay Rathod: Hey come on. I'm leaving tomorrow.
Laxman Pandey: No, I'm not hungry.
Karan: Don't eat. But come.

Aslam: I thought we didn't have anything inside us which would make us fight for something.
Karan: I thought so too. Until now.

Karan: [about his friends] These people don't fear death. Ajay used to say "Let death come... Anything for the country"

Karan: Dj, yeh toh bahaut khoon behe rahi hai yaar. - Dj, there's a lot of blood!
DJ: Koi nahin,kaake. Woh ragoon mein daudte daudte thak gaya tha. Azad hona chahta hai. - It's nothing. It just got tired of running in my veins. It wants to be free.