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Parrot Voice (Character)
from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) (VG)

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
Cotton's Parrot: [Squawk] Don't eat me! Don't eat me!
Will Turner: [looks bewildered] I'm not going to eat you!

Cotton's Parrot: [squawk] Walk the plank!
Jack Sparrow: [pulls out gun and points it at the bird] What did the bird say?

Jack Sparrow: No worries! Tia Dalma and I go way back... thick as thieves, nigh inseparable we are... were... have been... before...
Gibbs: I'll watch yer back.
Jack Sparrow: It's me front I'm worried about.
Gibbs: [to Will] Mind the boat.
Will Turner: [to Ragetti] Mind the boat.
Ragetti: [to Pintel] Mind the boat.
Pintel: [to Marty] Mind the boat.
Marty: [to Cotton's parrot] Mind the boat.
Cotton's Parrot: [to Cotton] Mind the boat.
[It flies off, leaving Cotton to pout and sit back down in the boat]

Will Turner: [comes ashore and sees the bird] Ah. A familiar face.
Cotton's Parrot: [squawks] Don't eat me!
Will Turner: [confused] I'm not going to eat you.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
Jack Sparrow: Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past... one of you succeeded.
[looks at Elizabeth; Will looks at her; she looks around, guiltily]
Jack Sparrow: Oh, she's not told you. You'll have loads to talk about while you're here.
Jack Sparrow: [to Tia Dalma] As for you...
Tia Dalma: Now, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time.
Jack Sparrow: Fair enough. You're in.
[begins going down the line of pirates on the beach]
Jack Sparrow: [to Ragetti] Don't need you, you scare me. Gibbs, you can come. Marty, Cotton... Cotton's parrot, I'm a little iffy... At least I'll have someone to talk to.
[to Tai Huang]
Jack Sparrow: Who are you?
Tai Huang: Tai Huang. These are my men.
Jack Sparrow: Where does your allegiance lie?
Tai Huang: With the highest bidder.
Jack Sparrow: I have a ship.
Tai Huang: That makes you the highest bidder.
Jack Sparrow: Good man. Weigh anchor, all hands! Prepare to make sail!
[takes out compass]
Cotton's Parrot: Weigh anchor!
Barbossa: [pats the charts in his hands] Jack... Which way ya goin', Jack?

[Quickly flies away after seeing Lord Beckett's Armada]
Parrot: Awk! Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

Parrot: [after having a gun pointed at him by Jack the Monkey] Parlay?