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Patty Chase (Character)
from "My So-Called Life" (1994)

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"My So-Called Life: Guns and Gossip (#1.3)" (1994)
Patty: I could have died. I did die! I mean, this woman knows and I don't know. She's not even a woman. She's like this 40-year old girl. She's gorgeous and she's telling me about my daughter's sex life, which apparently she now has, and I don't even know about it.
Graham: Look, the girl talked to her mother. We don't know if it's true.
Patty: Things are always true. Of course it's true.
Graham: [gives Patty food] Here, taste this.
Patty: I can't taste anything. Guns are going off at school, Angela's sleeping with someone.
Graham: You don't know that!
Patty: And even if she isn't, which I pray is true, she obviously has some kind of secret life which is completely apart from us. So what do we do? Do we confront her?
Graham: Oh God, no. I don't want to know if it's true.
Patty: What sort of attitude are we supposed to have? Are we supposed to have an attitude? I already have an attitude. It may be my mother's attitude. I don't want to get hysterical about this, but why not? Why shouldn't I be hysterical? She's fifteen! I should be hysterical.

Patty: Honey, who is Jordan?
Patty: No one.
Patty: You mean Jordan Catalano?
Patty: Is that his last name?
Angela: I don't know. You brought it up.
Patty: I met Rayanne's mom tonight and she was all excited about your new boyfriend, Jordan.
Angela: Boyfriend? That's a laugh.
Patty: So, he's not your boyfriend?
Angela: Mom, I barely know this person. I don't know if I want to know this person.
Patty: Well then, you haven't?
Angela: What did you hear? What did she tell you?
Patty: Nothing. She didn't tell me anything.
Angela: Did she say I was sleeping with Jordan Catalano?
Patty: No! I mean, of course not. No one said that. It's just... well, I just wondered.
Angela: She did! Didn't she? I can't believe this. I can't believe this! I hate everyone.

"My So-Called Life: Other People's Mothers (#1.10)" (1994)
Patty: [when a discussion is about to get too adult] Danielle, go play outside.
Danielle Chase: Mom, it's not fair! My life is totally edited!

Angela: I guess I kinda screwed everything up for you today. With the party.
Patty: No. You did the right thing. You called me. I mean it. You promise me that you'll always do that? You'll always call?
Angela: Okay! Okay, I promise. How did you know all that stuff? Like, what to do?
Patty: I had this roommate in college who actually was a lot like Rayanne, now that I'm remembering.
Angela: You're kidding. So, what happened?
Patty: Well, pretty much what happened tonight. Except she died.
Angela: So, did you like her?
Patty: A lot.
Angela: How old was she?
Patty: Angela, what I'm seeing in your future is so frightening. It scares the hell out of me. I mean, what do I do? Do I just not let you see her anymore? Would that even work?
Angela: No. Mom, I can't... she's my friend. Please, just trust me.
Patty: Actually, I do.

"My So-Called Life: On the Wagon (#1.14)" (1994)
Danielle Chase: [Answers phone] Hello? Angela! Telephone.
Angela: Hello?
Jordan: Hey.
Angela: Hi!
Angela: Danielle, hang up! Danielle, I know you're listening. I can hear the TV.
Patty: Danielle, come on. Let's respect Angela's privacy.
Jordan: So, Rayanne Graff is here.
Angela: Rayanne is there? Oh. What's she doing there?
Jordan: I don't know. I was sorta gonna ask you. I mean, no one even invited her. Now she's, like, coming onto my drummer acting like she's high. What does she want?
Angela: I don't know. I don't have anything to do with it. So how's rehearsal going?
Jordan: Sucks. Right now everyone's basically just sitting around the loft drinking beer.
Angela: [yells downstairs] Danielle, hang up!
[to Jordan]
Angela: Um, so I'm really sorry about Rayanne. I'm glad you called, though. This is the first time you've ever called me on the phone.
Jordan: I gotta go.

Rayanne: Just so you know, I didn't drink that whiskey. I poured it back. You can ask Angela.
Patty: You haven't had one drink since that night in the hospital?
Rayanne: Nope. Swear to God.
Patty: Why didn't you tell me you stopped seeing your counselor?
Rayanne: I don't know. Just because I wanted you to think I was okay so you wouldn't mind if I stayed friends with Angela.
Patty: I guess she means a lot to you, huh?
Rayanne: I guess that's, like, the one think you and I have in common. Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Chase.
Patty: Rayanne.
Rayanne: Yo?
Patty: Apparently you and I are in the same karass. Call me Patty.
Rayanne: Patty... thanks. For, like, my life.

"My So-Called Life: Dancing in the Dark (#1.2)" (1994)
Patty: I don't think this was such a terrible evening.
Graham: I never said it was.
Patty: Yeah, but you're sitting there thinking it.
Graham: You don't know what I'm thinking.
Patty: Oh, shut up! How could you say that about my hair?
Graham: What did I say?
Patty: That it shows my ears more! What kind of a thing is that to say? You think I felt like tangoing with you after that?
Graham: I didn't know what to say. All of a sudden there's this... this pressure to, you know... um, compliment you and lead.
Patty: There is something wrong here. Am I right? We're drifting apart from seeing each other too much. We have become like furniture to each other, or something. I mean have we become incompatible? Because, we are terrible. We are terrible dancers!
Graham: So what?
Patty: So how can we have been together for so long and not be able to dance together?
Graham: Because! Because we have been together for so long!

"My So-Called Life: Pressure (#1.13)" (1994)
Jordan: Wow, food!
Angela: What are you doing here? It's late. It's really late. My parents are right upstairs.
Jordan: They are?
Angela: Well, they live here.
Jordan: Well, you said you wanted to do it in your room while your parents were asleep.
Angela: I was joking! Seriously, you have to go.
Jordan: Okay.
[kisses Angela]
Jordan: So you know that empty house on Cloverdale? The one that's been for sale for, like, forever.
Angela: [hears noise] Wait a second.
Jordan: Tino found a way to get in through this window in the back. So people have been going there. You know, to have a place to go. So you want to? Friday night.
Angela: Like, breaking and entering?
Jordan: Just entering. So we can, you know, be somewhere.
Patty: Angela?
Angela: Mom?
[runs out of kitchen]
Patty: Didn't I predict this? Didn't I predict that this would happen? Didn't I tell you that you'd be hungry later? Now, look, I'm not trying to interfere. But I think that it's important that we all eat dinner together as a family.
Angela: No, me too! I agree. Absolutely, as a family.
Patty: Okay. You finish up whatever it is that you're nibbling on in there and don't leave a mess for me to clean up. Oh, and don't forget what we talked about tonight. About daddy and me meeting your friend Jordan.
Angela: Shh! I won't.
Patty: Sweetheart! There's nothing to be embarrassed about. You like this Jordan. I have no problem with that. We just want to meet him!
[exits upstairs]
Jordan: So you like me? I mean, your mother says you like me.
Angela: Shut up!

"My So-Called Life: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities (#1.19)" (1995)
Patty: Well I have to say, from everything you've told me, I think it's clear that you never really meant to hurt her.
Jordan: It's like, you think you're safe or something. Because you can just walk away anytime. Because you don't, like, need her. You don't need anyone. But the thing you didn't realize is you're wrong.
Jordan: Do you always wear this much makeup?
Patty: Um, I was expecting company. An old friend. That was he just now on the phone. Seems that he has the touch of the flu or something and he took this decongestant or something and was afraid to drive.
Patty: This was a person who drove so recklessly when he was 17 that my parents wanted him dead.
Jordan: Wow. Ironic.

"My So-Called Life: Pilot (#1.1)" (1994)
Patty: God, Chelsea Clinton. Will you look at this? No freedom, no privacy, constant surveillance, Secret Service men... That's what we need.

"My So-Called Life: Weekend (#1.18)" (1995)
[finding the handcuffs on her bed]
Patty Chase: Oh my God. Camille never picked these up.
[cut to a shot of the outside of the master bedroom door and the sound of handcuffs locking]
Graham Chase: Where's the key?
Patty Chase: Oh. My. God.