Linda Schell
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Linda Schell (Character)
from Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)

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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011)
Linda Schell: I miss his voice. I miss his voice telling me he loves me.
Oskar Schell: Me too.

Linda Schell: Why do you find it so hard to talk to me?
Oskar Schell: In case you haven't noticed, half the time you're asleep.
Oskar Schell: And the other half of the time, you forget the first half. You're what they call in the law "in absentia": an absent parent.
Linda Schell: That was mean.
Oskar Schell: Which part?

Oskar Schell: It's just a box! An empty box!
Linda Schell: I know it's an empty box! I know this. But I did it for me, and I did it for you so we can at least try and say goodbye to him. Because he's gone, Oskar, he's gone and he's not coming back. Never. I don't know why a man flew a plane into a building. I don't know why my husband is dead. But no matter how hard you try, Oskar, it's never gonna make sense because it doesn't. It doesn't... make... sense!
Oskar Schell: Fukozowa you! You don't know anything!

Oskar Schell: Why do you want to come in?
Linda Schell: To tell you that I love you.

Linda Schell: I went into your room and I tried to think like you did. I wanted to understand.
Oskar Schell: You were snooping on me?
Linda Schell: I was searching for you.

Oskar Schell: I wish it were you.
Oskar Schell: I wish it were you in the building instead of him.
Linda Schell: [very softly] So do I.
Oskar Schell: [pause] I didn't really mean that.
Linda Schell: [sadly, in a whisper] Yes you did.

Linda Schell: Hey! Yeah I've been trying to reach you! I'm on my way home! I'm coming home! Thomas can you hear me?
Thomas Schell: Yes! I can hear you!
Linda Schell: This is unbelievable! Are you watching this?
Thomas Schell: Listen to me! Other people want to use the phone so I don't have to much time!
Linda Schell: Listen to me I'm going to be home in about 20 minutes!
Thomas Schell: No! You listen to me! I'm in the World Trade Center!
Linda Schell: What do you mean you're in the World Trade Center?
Thomas Schell: I had a meeting! But it's going to be okay! They are telling us to stay where we are. We broke a window to let in some air.
Linda Schell: Where are you?
Thomas Schell: I'm on the 105th floor! They are about 50 of us up here.
Linda Schell: You listen to me, you come home right now!
Thomas Schell: It's going to be fine, you're going to be fine. Where is Oscar?
Linda Schell: Oscar is on his way home, but you listen to me! You come home right now!
Thomas Schell: I will call and I will tell him!
Linda Schell: Tell him what?
Thomas Schell: I will tell him what's happening. We were told to wait where we are! Firemen are on their way, and that we are all fine!
Linda Schell: Thomas?
Thomas Schell: That's what we are going to do!
Linda Schell: Thomas?
Thomas Schell: Okay?
Linda Schell: No it's not okay! Thomas you need to listen to me!
Thomas Schell: Yeah!
Linda Schell: You need to find a stairwell! Do you hear me? Find the stairs and you come home!
Thomas Schell: Honey! I got to go! Other people need to use the phone! I'm gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine! You listen to me! You made my life better and I want you to know that absolutely love you. I'm going to call you back in a few minutes.
Linda Schell: No! Stop saying that! Just find the stairs! Don't stop talking to me! Just stay talking to me! Please just stay talking to me!
[Phone call ends]

Oskar Schell: [shouting] What if I die tomorrow?
Linda Schell: You're not going to die tomorrow.
Oskar Schell: Dad didn't think he was gonna die tomorrow either.
Linda Schell: It's not gonna happen to you.
Oskar Schell: How do you know what's going to happen? You don't know anything. You buried an empty box!
Linda Schell: That's not the point! His memory is there!

Linda Schell: [in bed, roughly roused from sleep by Oskar] Oskar, what's wrong?
Oskar Schell: Do you promise not to bury me... when I die?
Linda Schell: It's the middle of the night, Oskar.
Oskar Schell: [vehemently] Do you promise not to bury me when I die?
Linda Schell: You are not going to die. You are going to live a long, long life.
Oskar Schell: You sure you love me?
Linda Schell: [sighs] Completely sure.
Oskar Schell: Then put me in one of those mausoleum thingies above the ground.