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Deaqon 'Deaq' Hayes (Character)
from "Fastlane" (2002)

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"Fastlane: Pilot (#1.1)" (2002)
[Van and Deaq are in an L.A. county jail for brawling]
Donovan 'Van' Ray: Listen, I don't wanna scare you, but you gotta get your game face on, okay? You gotta look mean, just deadlock, like that. All right. Cause I'll be real clear with you. You're 10 years off your home court. Now, I've been on the inside, I know this gray motel, this is my turf. So you just smile pretty because you're the new bitch on the bars. This is the Westside, yo. The West sayeed.
[Van and Deaqu enter their cell to find it full of a dozen rough-looking thugs... all of them black]
Deaqon 'Deaq' Hayes: [smirks] Westside.
[all the detainees, led by a big one, approach Van]
Detainee: Hey, I'm gonna get some of that.
Donovan 'Van' Ray: [weakly] Westside?

Jail Guard: Van Strummer?
Donovan 'Van' Ray: Yo!
Jail Guard: Deaqon Hayes?
Deaqon 'Deaq' Hayes: Yo!
Jail Guard: You've got bail.

Deaqon: I know you didn't just throw my desert eagle out the window.

Van Ray: How else would I know about The Towering Inferno? Who's favorite Steve McQueen movie is The Towering Inferno?
Deaqon: Maybe you got my Blockbuster card.

[Referring to Cassidy]
Deaqon: That girl's playing you.
Van: Come on, man.
Deaqon: Why not? You're playing her. She came to your hotel room and Asked if you were a cop. Did you tell her? No. Because you're playing her. So what make you think, for one moment, that she's not playing you.
[Referring to Kane]
Van: You saw what he did to her face. You took pictures of it.
Deaqon: So what? Maybe she's playing him too.
Deaqon: Look, I feel bad for the girl, all right? She didn't pull the trigger on my brother, but she knows who did. So that puts her on that side of line and us on this side.
Van: You never crossed a double line in your life, right?
Deaqon: I cross it every chance I get. You're thinking of Andre, man.
Deaqon, Van: Dre never crossed a double line in his life.
Deaqon: And he'd tell anyone who'd listen.
[Both laugh]
Van: Man, he'd kick my ass if he knew what I was doing right now.
Deaqon: I wouldn't even have an ass.
Deaqon: I missed nine Christmases.
Van: I just felt like what happened to Andre was my fault, but I couldn't answer one question as to why he died.
Deaqon: Look, man. I don't like you, but you're good people and you loved my brother. Now we're here to answer some questions and that's what we're going to do. You down?
Van: For Dre.
Deaqon: For Dre, man.

[after discovering that Kane is DEA]
Deaqon: I hate L.A.

Deaqon: Is this bedtime? Did I ask for a story?

"Fastlane: Slippery Slope (#1.16)" (2003)
[after losing Cassidy in the Desert]
Deaqon: Remember when I said I was impressed with you? I was on crack then!

Deaqon: So let me get this straight, crazy lady Sophia caught you in the shower with Cassidy, the other crazy killer?
Van: Hey, Cassidy isn't crazy. She's just misguided... and she killed Chad in self defense.
Deaqon: Congratulations, Van. You got down and dirty with the saner of the two.

"Fastlane: Mighty Blue (#1.8)" (2002)
Van Ray: Remember when Billie said we're 51% cops, 49% crimimals?
Deaqon: Yep.
Van Ray: Get ready to flip those numbers.

"Fastlane: Dogtown (#1.10)" (2003)
Shane: Hey Billie, last time I saw you, you were naked.
Deaqon: What'd he say?