Savannah Jackson
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Savannah Jackson (Character)
from Waiting to Exhale (1995)

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Waiting to Exhale (1995)
Savannah Jackson: So what do you think, Robin? I've love this man forever. And now that we've got another chance, I don't want to blow it by making him think I don't have any faith in him. You know what I mean?
Robin Stokes: Don't we hear this on "Sally" and "Oprah" every day?
[they chuckle]
Robin Stokes: That's what you sound like, you know.
Savannah Jackson: Is that where you get your advice from? TV?
Robin Stokes: Well, you know, there was this one woman in your same situation. This man kept saying he was going to leave, too. She got her hopes all up and everything. Quit her job and even moved to the same city he lived in. Right after she got there, she found out she was three months pregnant. He ended up dumping the woman. Said his kids would be too hurt if he left now.
Savannah Jackson: So what about the baby?
Robin Stokes: So she had an abortion. She never even told a soul, not even her mama. She never looked at men quite the same again.
Savannah Jackson: So he left his wife in the end, right?
Robin Stokes: Take a wild guess, Savannah.
Savannah Jackson: What show did you hear this on?
Robin Stokes: Sorry, I've never been on "Oprah".