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Lester Goldberg (Character)
from "Stanley" (2001)

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"Stanley: Going-Away Goose/Time to Climb!" (2003)
[first lines]
["Going-Away Goose"]
Stanley Griff: Ya'ay! It's a snowstorm.
Marci: Yes, come on snow. Keep coming down.
Lester Goldberg: Look how big the flakes are.
Mimi: It's a buzzard.
Lester Goldberg: A what?
Marci: I think she means a blizzard.

Lester Goldberg: My family's going out of town.
Marci: Really?
Lester Goldberg: Yeah. I'm gonna miss out on everything. You guys will be having all this fun and I have to leave tomorrow to visit my grandparents. I'll be gone for the whole vacation.

Lester Goldberg: I'm going to be like the super-cool Canada goose when it migrates. And I can't wait to go away, 'cause then I get to come back. Honk honk! Honk honk honk! Whoa! Ow!

[first lines]
["Time to Climb!"]
Mr. Goldberg: Wow! That's the third cedar waxwing we've seen today. Come on, gang.
Lester Goldberg: Boy, Stanley. I'm sure glad your mom and dad let you come with us to the state park today.
Stanley Griff: Yeah. It's really cool out here.
Dennis: I'll say. It looks the way I always imagined the world looked a million years ago.

Mr. Goldberg: The four of us are going to climb Mount Honeyhut. Isn't she a beauty?
Lester Goldberg: You're kidding. You really want us to climb that?
Mr. Goldberg: Right to the tippy-top. Are you game?

Stanley Griff: These are wild yaks, right, Dennis?
Dennis: They certainly are, Stanley.
Lester Goldberg: Really? How can you tell?
Dennis: One way you can tell the difference between a wild yak and a domesticated one is that the wild yak is larger and has much longer horns. It's a little taller than your mom, Lester.

"Stanley: The Pond Couple/Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf? (#1.25)" (2002)
Stanley Griff: Lester, are you okay? Say something!
Lester Goldberg: Wo-wo-wolf!
Dennis: Did somebody cry "wolf"?
Lester Goldberg: Yeah. Walter is a big, bad, scary wolf.
Dennis: A big, bad, scary - Lester, are you sure?
Lester Goldberg: He sure acts like one.

Harry: So what's the deal on big, bad, scary wolves?
Stanley Griff: They're not big or bad or scary. We were wrong.
Dennis: Cheer up, Stanley. We learned something new today.
Stanley Griff: Yeah, but I still feel bad. We made up our minds before getting to know them.
Lester Goldberg: Just like we did with Walter.

[last lines]
["Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?"]
Walter: What? I'm the new kid at school. You guys are old friends. I'm the one that nobody knows
Stanley Griff: But we know you now. And now you know us. So we can all be friends. Hey guys, go out long.
[He tosses a football]
Lester Goldberg: I got it! I got it! I - oh!
[He crashes into Walter]
Walter: A-a-awoo!
[All laugh and make the "awoo" noise]

"Stanley: Proud as a Peacock/Dances with Flamingos (#2.10)" (2002)
Lester Goldberg: Hi, Stanley. Guess what.
Stanley Griff: Don't tell me. You have something special to show off.
Lester Goldberg: How'd you know? Listen to this. I just made it up. Ha-ha-ha-ha-hiccup! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hiccup!

Lester Goldberg: You draw really good, Stanley.
Marci: And you know so much about animals.
Dennis: You should be very proud of yourself, Stanley.
Stanley Griff: I am. I'm proud... as a peacock.

Dennis: Don't worry, Mimi. I'll bet you'll be standing on one leg in no time, just like a beautiful flamingo.
Marci: I thought flamingos only had one leg!
Lester Goldberg: It looks that way because they always stand on one leg and keep the other one curled up... I think.

"Stanley: Web Weavers/Muddy Buddies (#2.12)" (2002)
[first lines]
["Muddy Buddies"]
Stanley Griff: [exiting his house with Mimi, Marci, Lester and Dennis] It's okay. The rain stopped.
Lester Goldberg: Phew! It's still so hot out.
Mimi: Don't worry. It's always nice and cool at the library.

"Stanley: Doing Like Ducks/Speedy Does It" (2003)
Dennis: I know we're lost... but, believe me, there's no point in running around like a bunch of chickens.
Stanley Griff: I guess you're right, but what should we do instead?
Lester Goldberg: Yeah. Waddle around like a bunch of ducks?
Dennis: Well, hmm. You may actually have a point there, Lester. If you'll notice, each one of those baby ducklings is doing a good job of staying close to its parents. And you can bet none of them ever get lost either.

"Stanley: Follow the Lemur/Zebra Jigsaw" (2002)
Lester Goldberg: I always thought zebras looked like horses. They have the same shaped heads and everything.
Dennis: And they have other things in common too. For one thing, horses and zebras mostly eat coarse grass and they all spend more than half their day eating.