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Serrator (Character)
from "Power Rangers Samurai" (2011)

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"Power Rangers Samurai: A Crack in the World (#2.14)" (2012)
Octoroo: Ooh, ah, ooh. I know what you're up to. I figured it out a while ago. Well, two minutes ago, but still. You're driving wedges of misery into the human world to split it open so you can instantly flood the earth.
Serrator: Impressive. The noodle-head actually figured it out.
Octoroo: I just wish I discovered the level of your traitorous insanity earlier. This is incredibly risky. Tearing an opening between our worlds could destroy them both! I don't know about you, but I try to keep my chances of being destroyed to a minimum.
Serrator: If it would help me rule both worlds, I'd destroy you a thousand times over.
Octoroo: Once the boss recovers from drying out, he'll rip you and your plan apart. Wait. You don't have the power to split open their world. You need someone filled with Nighlok rage and human sorrow to do it.
Octoroo: Deker! You need him to deliver the final strike, don't you?
Serrator: Wow. You're on a streak. And I set this all up over 200 years ago.
Octoroo: But there's no way it can succeed. He'll never agree to it.
Serrator: Everybody has a price, and I have something he wants. Nothing will stop me now, especially you.

Serrator: Well, well, Deker. How unexpected. What a pleasant surprise.
Deker: Spare me. You know why I'm here.
Serrator: You've come for your real sword, Uramasa. Good timing. My plan is reaching its climax. That glow coming from those humans is their misery creating a wedge in the earth. And surprise! It's the final wedge I need. All of my attacks in this world were designed to create a line of human misery. I used Xandred's monsters to orchestrate a symphony of human suffering to serve my brilliant objective. And now each of the wedges I created are ready to be activated. Accept your fate. We're at the end of my perfect plan and the end of the world as you know it. Welcome to the start of my reign. And once this wedge is in place, your world will bursting at the seams, ready to be split open with one might stroke. I will flood the entire earth with the Sanzu River. Not with a trickle with Master Xandred had planned, but with a terrorizing torment, the likes of which have never been seen. The earth will be entirely submerged in the red waters of evil, and I will finally become the ruler of both our worlds.

Deker: Enough talk. Give me what you promised. Give me my sword, Uramasa.
Serrator: Why of course. But first, to complete our deal, you owe me one final favor.
Deker: Favor?
Serrator: Just a little favor. The one to crack open the world must be someone that feels the pain of both the human and nether worlds but belongs to neither. That's you.

Serrator: Now it is time for you to finish this with a final strike with your one true sword. Deker, time to play your part. Uramasa, your sword, as promised. Live up to your end of the deal. Take it, Deker. With it, you shall shatter the world.
Deker: No. All I want is my sword, Uramasa.
Serrator: Of course you do. I planed for this and made sure that your centuries of misery and rage were locked up inside of Uramasa.
Deker: What?
Serrator: Yes. The only way to release yourself from all that pain is for you to quickly take your sword and strike before this wedge explodes. Trust me. With one quick slash, your curse will finally be broken, and you'll truly be free.
Deker: Free. Free at last.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Kevin's Choice (#2.8)" (2012)
Serrator: Octoroo, settle down. Skarf works for me. He's going to cause wonderful misery in the human world.
Octoroo: This guy? To me, it looks like all he can do is eat like a pig.
Serrator: Just give him time. Skarf's real powers won't be unlocked until after those sappy Samurai Ranger runts have destroyed him.
Octoroo: Huh? I don't get it.
Master Xandred: Of course you don't, squid breath.
Skarf: Squid?
[Skarf tries to grab Octoroo's head]
Octoroo: Ow! W-would you stop it!
Skarf: But I love seafood!

"Power Rangers Samurai: Trust Me (#2.12)" (2012)
Serrator: You're attacking me with common swords? Apparently, you haven't heard the news. The era of the sword is over. A new era has begun, and it starts right now. Think of it as your personal Apocalypse.

"Power Rangers Samurai: Stroke of Fate (#2.15)" (2012)
Serrator: Why? How could you betray me like this?
Deker: You had what I wanted. Your mistake was thinking I shared your hatred of humanity. I care only for the sword. You made me that way. Remember?
Serrator: You're as heartless as any Nighlok.
Deker: And so it ends here.

"Power Rangers Samurai: He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother (#2.7)" (2012)
Serrator: This is much better. With you Rangers out of the way, I can finally put my plan into action. It's a nightmare come true.
Mia: Dream on, Serrator.
Serrator: What?
Mia: Whatever your plan is, I'm here to stop it.
Serrator: You, stop me? You've got spirit. I grant you that. But I hate spirit.

"Power Rangers Samurai: The Master Returns (#2.13)" (2012)
Dayu: Serrator, what's your game? You never intended to fix my harmonium, did you?
Serrator: To be honest, all I really wanted was Deker and the powerful sad music this makes. You've been nothing but a pawn in my plan.
Dayu: You deceived me for the last time. Liar!
[she attacks Serrator]
Serrator: Ah, ah, ah. And it only took you 200 years to figure that out.
Dayu: Put my harmonium down so I can take you down.