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Quotes for
Serena Stalin (Character)
from Bloodletting (1997)

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Bloodletting (1997)
Serena Stalin: This is not about killing people anymore, Butch - this is about us!

Serena Stalin: You know, for a serial killer you sure are a drag sometimes.

Butch Harlow: When I kill somebody, I treat it like jerking off.
Serena Stalin: Oh, brother.
Butch Harlow: Just hear me out. I treat it that way because it's something I like to do, it's something I need to do every so often to release whatever it is I need to release. But I know when not to do it.

Serena Stalin: Well, fruity ass, the sooner you get those bun-huggers in the car, the sooner I can fuck you like I hate you.

Serena Stalin: You're jogging and carrying a joint on you? What the hell kind of health program is that, the Peter Fonda Workout?