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Hilda Hulme (Character)
from Heavenly Creatures (1994)

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Heavenly Creatures (1994)
[Pauline is spending the Easter holiday with the Hulmes. Hilda Hulme, brushing Pauline's hair into an attractive shag, listens while Juliet describes more of the story that they've been devising]
Juliet Hulme: Mummy, Paul and I have decided that Charles and Deborah are going to have a baby, an heir to the throne of Borovnia.
Hilda Hulme: What a splendid idea.
[She grins, while Pauline is ecstatic with the attention being lavished upon her]
Juliet Hulme: We're calling him Diello.
Hilda Hulme: Well, that's a good, dramatic name.
Juliet Hulme: Paul thought it up.
Hilda Hulme: Aren't you clever?
[Pauline beams while Mrs. Hulme fluffs up her hair]
Hilda Hulme: There: all done.
[Pauline jumps up and takes Juliet's hand]
Hilda Hulme: Oh, look at you two. A couple of Borovnian princesses, if ever I saw them! My daughter... and my foster-daughter.