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Quotes for
Jenny (Character)
from "My Life as a Teenage Robot" (2003)

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"My Life as a Teenage Robot: Victim of Fashion (#2.10)" (2005)
Brit Krust: I must say I'm impressed. You've taken yesterday's fashion disaster and turned it into today's fashion catastrophy!
XJ9 a.k.a. 'Jenny': Oh this old thing? I just wear this so I don't freak the locals.

Brit Krust: [charging up to Jenny with Tiff] These gown are Jean-Phillipe originals. They haven't even debuted in Paris. At this moment it is impossible to be more fashionable than us!
XJ9 a.k.a. 'Jenny': Oh, looks like Jean-Phillipe is repeating himself. I think I saw those potato sacks in the second-hand store last year.

XJ9 a.k.a. 'Jenny': Being up on the latest trends is useless unless you can fit the look! And right now the look is thin.
Sheldon Lee: But removing your weapons system? Are you sure that's such a good idea?
Brad: Yeah, Jen. It sounds pretty risky.
XJ9 a.k.a. 'Jenny': [very determined] I don't care! It's better to be fashionable than functional. I want a slim-down look that will make Brit and Tiff look like stuffed sausages. Take it out! Take it all out!

XJ9 a.k.a. 'Jenny': I simply must give props to my design team.

XJ9 a.k.a. 'Jenny': [about the weapons being gone] There's nothing left?
Brad: Pretty much.
Sheldon Lee: I believe your exact words were, "It's better to be fashional than functional."

"My Life as a Teenage Robot: Pajama Party Prankapalooza/Sister Sledgehammer (#2.5)" (2005)
Mrs. Wakeman: [exasperated] Sneaking out, over-turning vehicles, emptying the lake, and freeing animals at the zoo!
Jenny: I'm, glad you were there to help me, mom.
Mrs. Wakeman: [suddenly calm] Yes, well...
Jenny: And it was great the way you shook off Skyway Patrol for me.
Mrs. Wakeman: I suppose so.
Jenny: And you don't think I'm a freak, do you?
Mrs. Wakeman: No, I don't... I just think you're grounded for two weeks!

"My Life as a Teenage Robot: Hostile Makeover/Grid Iron Glory (#1.9)" (2003)
XJ9: So, Vexus. Ready to surrender?
Vexus: So, you've dismantled a handful of my drones. But, we are legion! One day, soon, you will join us, and together, we will enslave the human race!
XJ9: Think again, evil robot queen. Because as long as there's a human being alive that needs my help, I'll be there. When you see a little kid trying to outrun a cannibal android, I'll be there. When you see some working guy trying to get his change back from a demon possessed snack machine, I'll be there. And when the day come that crime-fighting robots and plain folks can live together in peace, laughing and hooting it up...
Vexus: [Interrupts XJ9] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it already. But your words are meaningless! You will be a member of the Cluster before you know it.
[Gasses Jenny]
Vexus: Be seeing you.
XJ9: What a... witch.