Laura Cameron
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Laura Cameron (Character)
from "Pan Am" (2011)

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"Pan Am: 1964 (#1.14)" (2012)
[last lines]
Dean Lowrey: Good-bye, 1963!
Maggie Ryan: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Laura Cameron: I loved every minute of it.
Colette Valois: I love us.
Kate Cameron: And this... I love this!
Ted Vanderway: That ball'd never land.
[they all raise a toast and exchange hugs and kisses at the stroke of midnight, wishing each other a happy New Year to the strains of Auld Lang Syne. The camera captures all six in a freeze frame before the final fade out]

"Pan Am: Pilot (#1.1)" (2011)
Laura Cameron: [admiring the plane's interior while Kate and Colette are busy straightening things up] It's beautiful.
Colette Valois: Brand new - never been flown.
Ted Vanderway: [enters the plane] What do you think, ladies? Can we make this work?
Laura Cameron: Are you our pilot?
Ted Vanderway: One of them.
Kate Cameron: No, he's our co-pilot.
Ted Vanderway: First Officer. First Officer.

"Pan Am: Eastern Exposure (#1.4)" (2011)
Laura Cameron: Kate, you're not even giving me a chance.
Kate Cameron: Do do what, Laura? To be me?
Laura Cameron: In case you forgotten, I got this job on my own merits.
Kate Cameron: Then act like it. You want get out. You want to have a job. You want to see the world. That is great, but do you know what that makes you? A grown-up, so grow up.
Laura Cameron: It's so easy for you. No one ever expected anything from you.
Kate Cameron: Excuse me?
Laura Cameron: You always got to do exactly what you wanted.
Kate Cameron: Yeah, Laura, I did! I did. I did what I wanted. I did what I really wanted to do, but now...
Laura Cameron: Now I'm doing what you wanted and you still don't want me here!
Kate Cameron: No, Laura! That's not the point! I just want you to stand on your own two feet!
Laura Cameron: I am trying!
Kate Cameron: You're wearing bunny slippers! You're wearing bunny slippers! You're 22-years-old and you're still wearing a child's bunny slippers!
Laura Cameron: Well... I like them! You don't have to!