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Dr. Whale (Character)
from "Once Upon a Time" (2011)

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"Once Upon a Time: The Doctor (#2.5)" (2012)
Regina Mills: I know you took Daniel's body, and you took one of my hearts. Why? WHY? Did you bring him back?
Dr. Whale: I did it.
Regina Mills: He's alive?
Dr. Whale: Yes. I brought him back. But he's not Daniel.
Regina Mills: What?
Dr. Whale: He's... he's a monster.

[Whale has asked Mr. Gold to reattach his arm]
Dr. Whale: You said you can do it.
Mr. Gold: Oh, yes. But there's a difference between 'can' and 'will'.
Dr. Whale: Name your price.
Mr. Gold: Say it.
Dr. Whale: Say what?
Mr. Gold: You know what. You came here, not the hospital. So say it.
Dr. Whale: [the penny drops] I need magic.
Mr. Gold: That's all I needed to hear.
[he magics Whale's arm back in its proper place]
Mr. Gold: Always a pleasure doing business with you, uh... Victor.

Mr. Gold: You want me to reattach your arm?
Dr. Whale: Can you do it?
Mr. Gold: Of course. But first, tell me why.
Dr. Whale: Because I want to use it again.

Dr. Whale: [David punches Dr. Whale in the face] What the hell was that for?
David Nolan: Sleeping with my wife.
Dr. Whale: Kathryn?
David Nolan: Snow.

Dr. Whale: Send me back.
Regina Mills: Excuse me?
Dr. Whale: To my land. Send me back to my brother.
Regina Mills: Why don't you check the "Missing" board like everyone else?
Dr. Whale: Your curse only brought the *living*.
Regina Mills: Well, then I'm sorry for your loss. But I'm afraid I can't send anyone anywhere.

"Once Upon a Time: In the Name of the Brother (#2.12)" (2013)
Dr. Whale: [referring to the stranger] Gold. You fixed me. Now fix him. It will take you seconds, and cost you nothing.
Mr. Gold: No.
Dr. Whale: No? Just... "no"?
Mr. Gold: I owe you nothing, Whale. I owe none of you anything, and some of you owe me. So, yeah - just, no. Oh, and point of interest, the driver? He saw me throwing some magic. So, instead of trying to get him outta here, you better be hoping he dies, because if he doesn't, he's gonna be driving tour buses up and down Main Street. So glad I don't give a damn!

Dr. Whale: I wanted my name to stand for life. But everybody just thinks it's the name of a monster.
[he chuckles]
Dr. Whale: I guess they're right about that. Rumplestiltskin says that... magic has a price. But from where I'm sitting, seems that science does, too.

Dr. Whale: Thank you. Monster to monster.

"Once Upon a Time: The Shepherd (#1.6)" (2011)
Mary Margaret Blanchard: You ever walk into a situation where you know exactly what's going to happen... and then you go into it anyway? And then when what you're afraid of happens... you kick yourself, because you should have known better. But that's just who you are - so you keep punishing yourself.
Dr. Whale: No.
Mary Margaret Blanchard: How do you do that?
Dr. Whale: By never doing what's expected. Keeps life interesting.

[last lines]
Dr. Whale: Can I buy you a drink?
Mary Margaret Blanchard: You can buy me two.

"Once Upon a Time: Witch Hunt (#3.13)" (2014)
David Nolan: [after Little John becomes a flying monkey] What the hell was that thing?
Dr. Whale: Don't look at me. I'm a doctor, not a vet.

"Once Upon a Time: Broken (#2.1)" (2012)
Dr. Whale: [pounds on Regina's door with the mob behind him] Open up! Open up, or we're coming in!
Regina Mills: [opens door and smiles sweetly] Can I help you?
Dr. Whale: That smirk? Isn't gonna last forever, Regina. You took everything from us, and now...
Regina Mills: What? Now you're gonna kill me?
Dr. Whale: Eventually. But first you need to suffer.
Regina Mills: Listening to you has been enough suffering for all of us. That's right. You wanted to see your Queen? Well, my dears. Here - she - is!

"Once Upon a Time: We Are Both (#2.2)" (2012)
Dr. Whale: Hey, let me ask you something. Are the nuns still nuns, or can they, you know, date?
David Nolan: Uh, I don't know. Blue!
Dr. Whale: Don't say it's me asking.

"Once Upon a Time: Save Henry (#3.9)" (2013)
Dr. Whale: [examining baby Henry, who is crying] Well, his heart's as strong as a locomotive. And his lungs are healthy, clearly.
Regina Mills: Well, what-what about a blood test? Or a chest X-ray?
Dr. Whale: Is he a smoker?
Regina Mills: What?
Dr. Whale: Look, it's obvious what the problem is. He's a crying baby.
Regina Mills: [scoffs] I paid for this?
Dr. Whale: Actually, your insurance did.
Regina Mills: What do I do?
Dr. Whale: Ah. I can prescribe you something. 10 ccs of maternal love.