Sophie Teale
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Sophie Teale (Character)
from Roberta (1935)

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Roberta (1935)
Huckleberry Haines: How long ya gonna stay?
Sophie Teale: Oh hello, Huckleberry.
Huckleberry Haines: Hello, Soph.
Sophie Teale: Mother and I are going to Switzerland on Saturday.
Huckleberry Haines: Goodbye, John, I'll see ya Sunday.

John Kent: Gee, you're swell.
Sophie Teale: John, you have a line that just sweeps a girl right off her feet.

Sophie Teale: If I weren't going out with Johnny, I wouldn't be so particular. But, I'm sure he'll want me to have something that expresses my personality.
Stephanie: Suppose we have Johnny come in and help you select something? He knows so much more about your personality than I do.
Sophie Teale: Oh, no, no, please. I want to surprise him. You know, he's really just a little boy, in spite of his man-of-the-world exterior.
Stephanie: Yes, I've suspected that.

Sophie Teale: Some day, by sheer accident, you're going to say something funny, Huck.

Stephanie: Here's a gown that might please you, Miss Teale. This gown has both chic and good breeding.
Sophie Teale: I'm more interested in the chic. I can supply the breeding myself.

Sophie Teale: Don't you think this dress does something for me?
Huckleberry Haines: It'll do something for me.
Sophie Teale: Oh, now, Huck. A dress like this depends on...
Huckleberry Haines: I know, it depends on that shoulder strap.

Sophie Teale: I bet you a hundred dollars he says, "Gee, that looks swell".
Huckleberry Haines: Make it francs and its a bet.
Sophie Teale: Sold!

John Kent: You've bawled me out for the last time. I've stood for all your knocking and criticism because it sounded so cute coming from such a little snip - and because I thought I loved you.
Sophie Teale: Oh, you thought you loved me?
John Kent: Yes and what a sap you've made of me.