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Surrealissimo: The Scandalous Success of Salvador Dali (2002) (TV)
Aragon: [Looking at Dali's "The Enigma of William Tell"] If I believed in God, I would call that blasphemous.

Aragon: His failure to arrive must be seen as a dissension!
Rosey: It must be seen as...
Bauer: ...his inability to tell time.

Rosey: Bauer, will you begin?
Bauer: [Bauer hops on to the table and pointS to each person before he speaks] Knock, knock.
Andre Breton: Who is there?
Bauer: The King of England.
Rosey: Yes, out of curiosity.
Andre Breton: No, lacks style.
Aragon: No, I wasn't expecting you.
Yoyotte: Erm... yes, but in silence.
Salvador Dali: [to Yayotte] What is going on?
Yoyotte: I have no idea.
Waiter: [to Bauer on the table] Oi, down!

Rosey: [Knocks on table before each person speaks] Velázquez?
Andre Breton: No, dull evening predicted.
Bauer: [Knock] No, too classical.
Aragon: [Knock] No, monarch flatterer.
Yoyotte: [Knock] Erm... yes, but in silence.
Aragon: You always say that.
Andre Breton: [Knock] What does Dalí think?
Salvador Dali: [Knock, knock] Yes, of course, Velázquez. Hmph!
Andre Breton: Dalí's reasoning?
Salvador Dali: I would like his autograph.
Aragon: That answer is not radical.
Andre Breton: No, it is amusing. Breton recognizes humour.