Charlotte Dalrymple
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Charlotte Dalrymple (Character)
from Hysteria (2011)

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Hysteria (2011)
Charlotte Dalrymple: For us it's mindless housework and doting on some halfwit.
Mortimer Granville: You can make some halfwit very happy.
Charlotte Dalrymple: It's simply not enough for me, or for most women. Would it be enough for you?
Mortimer Granville: Oh, I'm not most women.

Charlotte Dalrymple: I am a woman like any other.
Mortimer Granville: Oh no, you're quite unlike any woman I've ever met.
Mortimer Granville: Will you be alright?
Charlotte Dalrymple: Yeah, I'm fine. I've got lots of friends in prison.

Charlotte Dalrymple: It must be difficult pleasuring half the women in the city.
Mortimer Granville: Madam, *pleasure* has nothing to do with it, I can assure you.
Charlotte Dalrymple: Well I suppose that depends on whether you're *over* the table or on it.

Charlotte Dalrymple: Something wrong?
Mortimer Granville: No, no. Um... I've just never seen you so... so...
Charlotte Dalrymple: formally attired?
Mortimer Granville: I was going to say... clean.

Charlotte Dalrymple: Then I won't come here anymore. Not for charity or for company. And you may threaten me with privation, with bankruptcy, with a life that knows only hunger and squalor, but I shall never veer from what I know to be my own true path.