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Quotes for
Drew (Character)
from "Wilfred" (2011)

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"Wilfred: Sacrifice (#1.12)" (2011)
Wilfred: [in Ryan's dream] Who is the Archaeologist?
Ryan Newman: That's in the past.
Wilfred: The witness will answer. Who is the Archaeologist?
Ryan Newman: I am!
Wilfred: That's what they used to call you at your father's firm, isn't it? Because you used to dig up dirt of the opposition.
Ryan Newman: All right! I admit it. What I did was completely unethical! But I was only trying to please my father!
Wilfred: You wanna talk about ethics? Is it not unethical to desert the woman you love in her time of need?
Cinzia: Me.
Jenna Mueller: No, me.
Drew: Bro!
Ryan Newman: These are... I just wanna be happy!
Wilfred: How can you be happy, knowing that Jenna's life will be ruined if you abandon her! We all have to make sacrifices for the people we love. It's time to make a choice. What are you going to do?
The Attendance: Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Jenna! Jenna!
Ryan Newman: Please...
Wilfred: What are you going to do?
[the attendance continues to call Jenna's name. Ryan wakes up, freaked out. He looks at Cinzia with pain in his face]