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Judge George H. Malone (Character)
from Good Will Hunting (1997)

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Good Will Hunting (1997)
Will: There is a lengthy legal precedent going back to 1789 whereby a defendant can claim self-defense against an agent of the government if that act is deemed a defense against tyranny a defense of liberty, Henry Ward Beecher wrote in the Plymouth Pulpit 1887 and I quote...
Prosecutor: 1887, this twenty century your honor, his going to make a mockery of the court
Will: Excuse me, I'm afforded the right to speak in my own defense by The Constitution of the United States this document that guaranteed my liberty, liberty in case you've forgotten, is the soul's right to breathe, if it cannot take a long breath laws are girdled too tight
Judge George H. Malone: Son, my turn I've be sitting here for ten minutes now looking over this rap sheet of yours and I just can't believe it June 93 assault, September 93 assault, grand theft auto February of 94, in the panel you defended yourself and had the case thrown out by citing Free Property Rights of 1798, January 95 impersonating an officer, mayhem, theft, resisting all overturned I'm also aware you've been through several foster homes the state removed you for serious physical abuse