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Samantha Baker (Character)
from "Body of Proof" (2011)

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"Body of Proof: All in the Family (#1.7)" (2011)
Detective Samantha Baker: Son, Michael, age 15. He is at football practice and he doesn't know anything yet!
Detective Bud Morris: Uh, I'll tell him
Megan Hunt: Please don't do that!
Detective Bud Morris: Why not?
Megan Hunt: His father is dead. He should hear that from his mother, not a cop!
Detective Bud Morris: Alright, I'll leave that part out
[Megan has a flashback to when she was 12 and we hear a cop tell: Megan, we don't know where your mother is, so I am just going to tell you: your father is dead!]

Detective Bud Morris: You never trust a woman's online profile
Detective Samantha Baker: Really? How would you know?
Detective Bud Morris: Is there sugar in here?
Detective Samantha Baker: No
Detective Bud Morris: I asked for sugar
Detective Samantha Baker: You're lucky you get coffee!

"Body of Proof: Your Number's Up (#2.10)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: I had to return a hat that Lacey bought in Society Hill for $300 on my credit card
Peter Dunlop: Oh, thirteen. The age of independence and the death of reason. At least that's what my sisters went through
Megan Hunt: Hm
Detective Samantha Baker: Oh, fantastic shoes, doc! Where did you get them?
Megan Hunt: Society Hill

"Body of Proof: Broken Home (#1.9)" (2011)
Detective Dryer: You're gonna hate me!
Detective Samantha Baker: I already do that, Dryer!
Detective Dryer: You say that, but every April when you want your taxes done, you are loving me!

"Body of Proof: Love Bites (#2.8)" (2011)
Detective Bud Morris: He's Sue, you Sam, she's Dani! What the hell is going on?
Detective Samantha Baker: Will you stop about stressing about baby names
Detective Bud Morris: It's the first decision you make for your kid. It's a lot a pressure

"Body of Proof: Helping Hand (#1.3)" (2011)
Megan Hunt: What was she doing in this place?
Detective Samantha Baker: I doubt it is for the continental breakfast and free wifi. Maybe she is a prostitute?
Megan Hunt: She was wearing a business suit! It's not exactly the sexiest outfit!
Peter Dunlop: Unless you are in that sort of thing!

"Body of Proof: Hunting Party (#2.2)" (2011)
Peter Dunlop: Ok, so I've been to all six sperm banks in the metropolitan area and...
Bud Morris: Hold on a second. Six?
Peter Dunlop: That's right.
Bud Morris: Does he look a little drained to you?
Samantha Baker: You know, Pete you do look kind of pale.
Kate Murphy: Yeah, I hope you don't have a date tonight because that...
Peter Dunlop: Okay, if you're all done...

"Body of Proof: Hard Knocks (#2.7)" (2011)
Harvey Brady: Do you have kids?
Detective Samantha Baker: No
Detective Bud Morris: No! Well, not for another seven months!

"Body of Proof: Pilot (#1.1)" (2011)
Detective Samantha Baker: I heard you were some big neurosurgeon a few years back
Megan Hunt: Used to be
Detective Samantha Baker: So why are you working here?
Megan Hunt: I can't kill somebody, they're already dead