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Ro-Bear-Bill (Character)
from "Thundercats" (2011)

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"Thundercats: Berbils (#1.3)" (1985)
Lion-O: Those stun-darts aren't doing much good.
RoBear Bill: No. They never do.
Lion-O: Then, why do you use them?
RoBear Bill: Because we would not want to hurt anyone.
Lion-O: Then why don't you just let the Trollogs march into your village and take your RoBear Berbil fruit?
RoBear Bill: And behave like cowards?
Lion-O: [sighing in frustration] I don't get it!
Snarf: I dunno; makes perfect sense to me.

Lion-O: Anyway, the Trollogs shouldn't be bothering you for a while.
RoBear Bill: No, poor Trollogs.
Lion-O: You feel sorry for them? Even though they keep raiding your village for your RoBear Berbil fruit?
RoBear Bill: Oh, they don't do that for themselves. Trollogs don't eat Berbil fruit. They can't eat anything but the fruit on the trollberry bushes. The mountains above their caves are covered with those bushes. But the Giantours who live there won't let the Trollogs pick from them, unless they bring them Robear Berbil fruit. And now, the Trollogs must return empty-handed. Oh, the Giantours will be *furious*.

RoBear Bill: Thank you, Lion-O. And please, thank your friends again too.
Lion-O: They're your friends too, RoBear Bill.

RoBear Bill: [pointing to the blueprint] Your home?
Tygra: Yes. Well - it *will* be. We'll be building it right up there.
RoBear Bill: You will build it? Just you few?
Lion-O: Oh, it will take quite a while, of course, but...
RoBear Bill: Please.
[huddles with the others then turns back to them]
RoBear Bill: We will help you build your home.
Tygra: Well, thank you, but we couldn't allow you to. It's much too great an undertaking for...
RoBear Bill: You said we were friends. Friends help each other.
Lion-O: [to the one who is already grinning] He has a point, Tygra.

"Thundercats: The Telepathy Beam (#3.9)" (1988)
RoBear Bill: Hello, Thundercats. Where's the fire?

Cheetara: I was sure you were being enslaved.
RoBear Bill: Not today.

"Thundercats: Thundercubs: Part V (#3.5)" (1988)
RoBear Bill: Oh, where are you, Thundercats? If ever we needed you, we need you now.

"Thundercats: Mumm-Ra Lives!: Part III (#2.3)" (1987)
RoBear Bill: Helping the Thundercats means helping everyone on Third Earth.

"Thundercats: Return to Thundera!: Part I (#4.1)" (1989)
Lion-O: The safety of Third Earth is now in your hands. The League of Third Earth. Mandora, Willa, Nayda, Snowman and Snowmeow, RoBear Bill, RoBear Belle. So, wish us luck, and we'll be on our way.
Snowman: Thundercats...
Lion-O, Snowman, Snarf, Snarfer, RoBear Bill, RoBear Belle, Willa: [with the Thundercats] HO!

"Thundercats: The Crystal Queen (#1.23)" (1985)
RoBear Bill: Oh. It's Queen Tartara again. She's always trying to steal the Arietta Bird for the Crystal Kingdom. She wants it to sing for her alone.
Lion-O: Why, that's the most selfish thing I ever heard!
RoBear Bill: Yes. Isn't it sad. She never learned that the greatest pleasure comes from sharing.
Lion-O: Well, I'm not about to wait until she learns!

"Thundercats: Runaways (#2.18)" (1987)
Lion-O: I was hoping that maybe you'd seen them.
RoBear Bill: [patting his arm] You're in luck, Lion-O. They bought some food here this afternoon.
Lion-O: Well, that's something. At least they won't starve.