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Quotes for
Otis (Character)
from "The Walking Dead" (2010)

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"The Walking Dead: Bloodletting (#2.2)" (2011)
[Otis says he never saw Carl until he hit the ground]
Otis: I never saw him. Not until he was on the ground.
Rick Grimes: Lori doesn't know?
Shane Walsh: No, she...
Rick Grimes: [Rick begins to cry to Shane] My wife doesn't know. My wife doesn't know.

[Otis talks with Hershel and Shane about where they can get hospital supplies]
Otis: Nearest hospital went up in flames a month ago.
Otis: [when Otis starts to think] The high school.
Hershel Greene: That's what I was thinking. They set up a FEMA shelter there. They would have everything we need.
Otis: Place was overrun last time I saw it. You couldn't get near it. Maybe it's better now.
Shane Walsh: [Shane looks to Rick] I said, leave the rest to me. Is it too late to take that back?

[Rick hands over his Colt Python to Otis to take with him on his supply run for the antibiotics]
Otis: That's a fine weapon, Rick. I'll bring it back in good shape.

[Shane sees Otis carry a shotgun into the truck for their high school supply run]
Otis: Only one I got.
Shane Walsh: Man, this turned into one strange day.
Otis: Didn't it, though?

[last lines]
Otis: [as Shane and Otis run from a herd of Walkers, stopped at every corner] No. No-no-no-no!
Shane Walsh: Come on! No-no-no-no! Come on, come on. In here!
Shane Walsh: [Shane sees a department store] Okay-okay! Stay back, stay back!
Shane Walsh: [as Shane shoots out some door windows, realizing they're trapped] Damn it.

"The Walking Dead: Save the Last One (#2.3)" (2011)
[Otis and Shane devise a plan to escape the high school gym filled with Walkers]
Shane Walsh: Those windows, what's on the other side?
Otis: About a 20-foot drop with nothing to catch you, maybe some bushes, then the athletic field.
Shane Walsh: We just need enough time. We got to get up there. We got to get 'em open and get out.
Otis: Not me. Maybe you.
Shane Walsh: Hey, hey, hey.
Otis: Come on, man, look at me. You really think I can squeeze through one of them tiny windows? They'd be all over us. Look, we lay down some fire to get a head start. You stay here. I hop down and draw them away. That gives you the chance to get up the bleachers and out a window.
Shane Walsh: And where do you go?
Otis: Locker room down those steps.
Shane Walsh: Looks like a good way to get trapped.
Otis: It's got windows too, and more my size.

[Shane finds Otis again while running from the Walkers]
Shane Walsh: Man, I thought I'd lost you.
Otis: That was my last rifle round.
Shane Walsh: Mine, too.

[Shane sees the flashback of him and Otis counting their last bullet count]
Shane Walsh: How many rounds you got left?
Otis: Four. You?
Shane Walsh: Five and one in the pipe.

[last lines]
Otis: [Shane sees in the flashback of him and Otis limping away from the approaching Walkers] Down to my last.
Shane Walsh: Me, too.
Shane Walsh: [Shane stops walking, before looking to Otis] I'm sorry.
Shane Walsh: [Shane shoots Otis in the leg trying to grab the antibiotics off of him] Will you give it... ah! Give it!
Otis: [Shane kicks Otis on the ground as Otis screams] I'll kill you.
Shane Walsh: [Shane screams, hitting Otis in the face with the butt of his gun] Let go of me! Let go!
[as Shane takes the backpack and continues to limp away]