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Carrie Mathison (Character)
from "Homeland" (2011)

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"Homeland: Game On (#3.4)" (2013)
Saul Berenson: It's almost over.
Carrie Mathison: No, it's too hard. I can't keep going.
Saul Berenson: Yes, you can.

Saul Berenson: [Carrie unexpectedly shows up at his house] What are you doing here?
Carrie Mathison: Don't worry. I wasn't followed.
Saul Berenson: You sure?
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, I'm sure. I used every trick in the book. Took me over five hours to get here.

Carrie Mathison: It worked, Saul. They picked me up this morning.
Saul Berenson: Who did?
Carrie Mathison: A man named Franklin. He took me to a house in Potomac where I met with Leland Bennett.
Saul Berenson: The lawyer.
Carrie Mathison: Yes.
Saul Berenson: What did he say? What did he say, Carrie? What were his exact words?
Carrie Mathison: He said his client recently lost six business associates and would like to know how those men were identified and targeted.
Saul Berenson: Javadi.
Carrie Mathison: It has to be.
Saul Berenson: Did you hold out for a meeting in person?
Carrie Mathison: I did it just the way you said. I told Bennett the meeting had to be face to face.
Saul Berenson: And he went for it?
[she half-smiles, and he chuckles]
Saul Berenson: Oh, you're an amazing person, Carrie Mathison. Amazing.

Carrie Mathison: What is this place?
Leland Bennett: The firm keeps it for our more privacy-sensitive clients. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Carrie Mathison: I tried to tell your colleague, Mr., um...
Leland Bennett: Franklin.
Carrie Mathison: Mr. Franklin. Uh... you're wasting your time.
Leland Bennett: Well, how do you know that when you haven't heard our proposal?
Carrie Mathison: Well, I'm not for sale.
Leland Bennett: Well, we're not trying to buy you. Really. And no one's gonna ask you to do anything you're too uncomfortable with.
Carrie Mathison: Well, I'm already uncomfortable.
Leland Bennett: It's up to you to draw the line you won't cross.
Carrie Mathison: For all I know, you're FBI and this is a sting.
[he snickers]
Carrie Mathison: What's so funny?
Leland Bennett: You have an active imagination.
Carrie Mathison: Well, somebody shut down my bank account and repossessed my car.
Leland Bennett: Your own agency did that to you.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, that's my point. I'm not going to jail.
Leland Bennett: It seems to me you're already there.

Leland Bennett: Our firm has long-standing relationships with several countries in the Middle East. We lobby on their behalf, quietly represent their interests here in Washington.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, I know how this works. So what does your client want?
Leland Bennett: To pick your brain from time to time. Put you retainer, as it were.
Carrie Mathison: Pick my brain? On what subject?
Leland Bennett: Your area of expertise.
Carrie Mathison: For example?
Leland Bennett: For example, he recently lost six business associates. Maybe you heard about it.
Carrie Mathison: So this is Iran we're talking about.
Leland Bennett: He'd like to know how those men were identified and targeted.
Carrie Mathison: That line you mentioned? We just crossed it.

Carrie Mathison: Iran was behind the Langley bombing.
Leland Bennett: Which they carried out in retaliation for Israeli air strikes on their nuclear facilities.
Carrie Mathison: I reject the comparison.
Leland Bennett: Why? It's one military target for another. Iran takes great care of its propotional response to acts of aggression. An airliner for an airliner. A Mossad agent for a physicist.
Carrie Mathison: Sounds like you've drunk the Kool-Aid.
Leland Bennett: I'm a professional. I'm paid to make arguments, not wave a flag.
Carrie Mathison: [turning to leave] Goodbye, Mr. Bennett.
Leland Bennett: You'll be back in county lockup by the end of the day, put there by the very institutions you're trying to protect.
Carrie Mathison: I'll take my chances.

Leland Bennett: Are you familiar with the term "controversialize"?
Carrie Mathison: No.
Leland Bennett: Well, that's what they're doing to you. They're turning you into the story. They started by leaking your relationship with Congressman Brody. Next it was Saul Berenson's testimony in front of the Senate Select Committee. Then they had you committed. Pretty soon it's not a story about a terrorist attack anymore, or how the people meant to protect us screwed up. It's about you. It's about sex between a bipolar CIA officer and her brainwashed boyfriend.
Carrie Mathison: I'm not a traitor.
Leland Bennett: No. What you are is a liability, to a lot of people who've got a lot to lose. So far they've kept your name out of the press, but how long do you think that's gonna last? And what happens then? I'll tell you what. You're destroyed. You're a pariah. And in six months or a year, if you haven't killed yourself by then, they'll do it for you. You're naïve to think they won't. You'll slip in the shower, or they'll force-feed you lithium 'till your heart stops, or they'll hang you on a doorknob and call it suicide.

Leland Bennett: Let us help you, Carrie. We're very good at it.
Carrie Mathison: You can keep me out of the hospital?
Leland Bennett: I can.
Carrie Mathison: I'm broke. I don't have a dime to my name.
Leland Bennett: You'll be compensated handsomely.
Carrie Mathison: Well, then, I never want to see you again, Mr. Bennett. I will see your client. But only him. And only face to face.
Leland Bennett: That could be a problem.
Carrie Mathison: His problem. And tell him I won't name names, either. I won't betray my people in the field.
Leland Bennett: It's between you and him.
Carrie Mathison: No. That is non-negotiable.
Leland Bennett: Okay. Think of it this way. Maybe you two can find some common ground. Put the world right. Save us all.
Carrie Mathison: [quietly] Fuck you.
Leland Bennett: I'm sorry, did you say something?
Carrie Mathison: Yeah. Fuck you.

"Homeland: There's Something Else Going On (#4.9)" (2014)
Dennis Boyd: I'm an American citizen, technically on American soil.
Carrie Mathison: You are a traitor, and I am the fucking CIA.

Dennis Boyd: I'm gonna ask for that lawyer now.
Carrie Mathison: You poisoned me. I could have died out there. You think I'm gonna let you talk to a lawyer? Sit the fuck down!

Dennis Boyd: What are you doing?
Carrie Mathison: I'm saying good night.
Dennis Boyd: You can't just leave me here.
Carrie Mathison: Oh, don't worry. I'll be back.

Dennis Boyd: You're bluffing.
Carrie Mathison: I am authorized to kill US citizens on the battlefield, you motherfucker. Don't think I can't do whatever is required. Don't think that I won't.

Saul Berenson: Go.
Carrie Mathison: I'm not leaving without you.
Saul Berenson: Then we both die here.
Carrie Mathison: Both? What about the boy?
Saul Berenson: What about him? He said his prayers, he thinks he's going to fuckin' Heaven.
Carrie Mathison: He's a child.
Saul Berenson: They put the vest on him, not us.
Carrie Mathison: So that makes it okay? Do you know who you sound like? Them. 14 years of war, and this is what it's come to? Asking a child to blow you to kingdom come? And for what?
[voice breaking]
Carrie Mathison: For fucking what? This is not who we are.

"Homeland: The Clearing (#2.7)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: Hi, Brody.
Nicholas Brody: How does my wife know about Tom Walker?
Carrie Mathison: I... I don't know.
Nicholas Brody: I'll tell you how. Mike Faber. How the fuck does he know? You tell me.
Carrie Mathison: Okay, Brody, calm down.
Nicholas Brody: You came to me, accusing me of lying about Gettysburg. Maybe it's you who's the one that's lying, hmm? Puttin' some bullshit on me.
Carrie Mathison: I'm not.
Nicholas Brody: Why should I believe you?
Carrie Mathison: I'll take care of Faber.
Nicholas Brody: How? How? Have you really got this under control? Because it doesn't seem like it. And what the fuck happened in that shop? How did you lose those six agents?
Carrie Mathison: We're investigating that.
Nicholas Brody: Great. So you're hedging, Roya's hedging. This thing is on, I'm at the center of it, and I'm in the fucking dark!

Carrie Mathison: Quinn, right in front of me?
Peter Quinn: Like you've never seen a dick before.

Peter Quinn: I got to get out of this dress.
Carrie Mathison: They're not discharging you.
Peter Quinn: I'm discharging me.

Carrie Mathison: [to Mike] It's hard wanting something, or someone, that you just can't have.

"Homeland: Tower of David (#3.3)" (2013)
Paul Franklin: I heard you had a difficult hearing.
Carrie Mathison: Well, "difficult" doesn't really cover it.
Paul Franklin: So we both know you could be here for quite a while. One of our partners would like to meet with you.
Carrie Mathison: Well, he knows where to find me.
Paul Franklin: I don't think you understand. I'm talking about getting you out of here.
Carrie Mathison: You could do that?

Carrie Mathison: Why would you want to help me?
Paul Franklin: As I said, I'm here on behalf of a partner.
Carrie Mathison: And what does he want?
Paul Franklin: Simply to talk to you.
Carrie Mathison: About?
Paul Franklin: Whatever it is, it's important enough that he sent me. Look, I know how that sounds. In your position, I'd be paranoid, too.
Carrie Mathison: You don't know the first thing about my position.
Paul Franklin: I know you don't belong here, that you're not actually crazy, and I know you want nothing more than to get out and go home. Carrie, I'm on your side.

Paul Franklin: Are you all right?
Carrie Mathison: I'm just... I'm trying to remember where I've heard that line before.
Paul Franklin: What line?
Carrie Mathison: "I'm on your side." I know what you're doing.
Paul Franklin: What do you mean?
Carrie Mathison: I mean I'm a case officer. I used to recruit assets for a living.
Paul Franklin: This isn't like that.
Carrie Mathison: Isn't it? You think I'm vulnerable.
Paul Franklin: Not at all.
Carrie Mathison: No, worse than that, you think I'm weak. And maybe, with just the right incentive, I'll turn against the people who did this to me. Well, I'm telling you no. So whoever the hell it is you're working for - the Syrians, the Israelis, the Iranians - you tell them that. You tell them I would rather die in here.
Paul Franklin: You're not seeing this clearly.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah? Which part did I get wrong?

"Homeland: Semper I (#1.4)" (2011)
Carrie Mathison: [following suspect] Guy hasn't broken the speed limit once.
Danny Galvez: Does that make him more, or less suspicious?
Carrie Mathison: It makes him boring as shit.

Carrie Mathison: Why are you being nice to me?
David Estes: Do I need a reason?
Carrie Mathison: Not unless you want me to believe a word you're saying.

Carrie Mathison: Hey, can I talk to you for a minute? The FISA warrant expires tomorrow.
Saul Berenson: If you're asking me to try and extend it, don't.
Carrie Mathison: At least hear me out.
Saul Berenson: I had to drag a skeleton from Judge Turner's closet to get you those four weeks in the first place.
Carrie Mathison: I know what you did.
Saul Berenson: And you still haven't produced a single lead connecting Sergeant Brody to this or any plot against America.
Carrie Mathison: That doesn't mean I'm wrong. It just means he may be laying low for a while. Turned and trained, but a sleeper.
Saul Berenson: You're arguing against yourself, Carrie. We can't watch him indefinitely. You know it.
Carrie Mathison: But, Saul...
Saul Berenson: Listen to me. Listen carefully. This intelligence your asset gave up her life to acquire... do not squander it by continuing to invade the constitutionally protected privacy of the Brody family.
Carrie Mathison: It's not an either-or proposition. The money we're tracking is connected to Brody. I just haven't found out how.
Saul Berenson: If you're right, the money will eventually lead back to him. But until then, you need to take down that surveillance. First chance you get, you will remove the cameras and microphones from Sergeant Brody's house and cover your tracks. Are we clear?

"Homeland: Shalwar Kameez (#4.3)" (2014)
John Redmond: Harris is an asshole.
Carrie Mathison: Yes, but was he right?

Carrie Mathison: How did you swing this?
Carrie Mathison: Swing what?
John Redmond: Four days ago, I got the call tapping me as chief. Then yesterday, Lockhart suddenly reverses his decision.
Carrie Mathison: What?
John Redmond: That's a perfectly innocent question.
Carrie Mathison: You really want to know how I did it? I asked nicely.
Carrie Mathison: Oh, and, John? Clean yourself up. I can smell the booze from here.

[last lines]
Carrie Mathison: Quinn.
Carrie Mathison: What?
Carrie Mathison: This changes everything. It means I really need you now.
Peter Quinn: No, I'm sorry, Carrie. I can't do that.
Carrie Mathison: I wouldn't ask you if there was somebody else here I could count on. Don't make me beg.
Peter Quinn: I'm sorry. I can't do it.
Carrie Mathison: Please. Please!
Peter Quinn: Shit, Carrie.
Carrie Mathison: I know.
Peter Quinn: You're the hardest person in the world to say no to.
Carrie Mathison: Is that a yes?
[Quinn pauses]
Carrie Mathison: God, I fucking love you, Quinn. You know that, don't you?
Peter Quinn: Yeah.
[Quinn sighs]

"Homeland: Super Powers (#5.3)" (2015)
Carrie Mathison: He was tortured, okay? He finally admitted I was the target, but was too scared to say who hired him.
Jonas Hollander: I don't understand. How does... How does that make him reliable?
Carrie Mathison: He had two secrets - one he could tell, one he was willing to die for.
Jonas Hollander: And did he? Die?
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, he was executed. He was shot in the face point-blank. That's what makes me believe him.
Jonas Hollander: Jesus.
Carrie Mathison: You wanted to know.

Carrie Mathison: The point is that the meds have saved my life. Literally. But something is lost, too. The elation. It's more than that. There's this... this window, when you've got all that crazy energy but you're still lucid, you're still making sense. And that's always when I did my best work. I took down a major insurgent network in Iraq. I stopped an attack on the State Department in D.C.
Jonas Hollander: You want to go off your meds now? Is that what you're saying? To figure this out?
Carrie Mathison: No.
Jonas Hollander: No?
Carrie Mathison: I've already gone off them. Three days ago.

Jonas Hollander: Tell me there is not another way to do this.
Carrie Mathison: I'm sure there is, just... not for me.

"Homeland: Pilot (#1.1)" (2011)
Saul Berenson: What were his exact words, please?
Carrie Mathison: "An American prisoner of war has been turned."
Saul Berenson: He said this in English?
Carrie Mathison: Yes. He whispered it into my ear right before the guards pulled me away.
Saul Berenson: And when he used the expression "turned"...
Carrie Mathison: He meant turned - working for Abu Nazir.
Saul Berenson: Why am I just hearing about this now?
Carrie Mathison: Because until ten minutes ago, I didn't know there were any POWs still alive in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Carrie Mathison: I missed something once before. I won't... I can't let that happen again.
Saul Berenson: It was ten years ago. Everyone missed something that day.
Carrie Mathison: Well, everyone's not me.

[first lines]
Carrie Mathison: I don't care where he is. Find him, it's urgent. Yes, I'll hold.

"Homeland: New Car Smell (#2.4)" (2012)
Nicholas Brody: I liked you, Carrie.
Carrie Mathison: I loved you!

Carrie Mathison: You're a disgrace to your nation, Sargent Nicholas Brody. You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time you pay for that.

Carrie Mathison: It reeks, you know, your bullshit. Do I want to be friends with a demented ex-soldier who hates America, who decided that strapping on a bomb was what the answer to what ailed him, despite his daughter, his son, people who loved him in real life and not in the mind-f-k world of Abu Nazir? Who in the end didn't have the stones to go through with it but had no problem sending me to the nuthouse? Yeah... no thanks. I don't think I need a friend like that.
Nicholas Brody: Ok. Not friends.
Carrie Mathison: So what are you going to do now, you going to kill me? Blame it on rough sex, maybe? How long can you get away with something like that?
Nicholas Brody: I've had a pretty good run so far... I seem to be good at this, if nothing else.

"Homeland: Blind Spot (#1.5)" (2011)
Pittman: We sent a phantom e-mail to the one Hamid gave you. Whoever it is will never actually receive the e-mail or know that it was sent. So far, it's bounced off of a server in Rio, where it went through a re-encryption filtering protocol, then to Johannesburg - same drill - then to Thailand, then Finland, and now, nearly an hour later, your guess is as...
[the computer chimes]
Pittman: I'd say you owe me dinner, Carrie. Possibly even sex.
Carrie Mathison: [not believing what she's seeing] Holy fuck!
Pittman: Well, I wouldn't go that far.
Carrie Mathison: [running out of the room] Jesus Christ.
[cut to Carrie entering another office]
Carrie Mathison: The fourteenth man gave up an e-mail address we just traced to the engineering department at Bryden University.
Danny Galvez: Faisel? Are you fucking kidding me? The professor we tailed, then cleared?
Carrie Mathison: Correct. Everybody, stop what you're doing! Only thing I need you to do right now is find this man, Raquim Faisel.

Saul Berenson: The working theory is that Hamid smuggled the razor blade inside the sole of his shoe.
Carrie Mathison: Bullshit! I mean, not only did Brody contrive to get himself in the room, he orchestrated Hamid's suicide and he warned Dr. Faisel. And we - you and I - let it happen. Enough on the sidelines. Enough in the shadows. We need to take this up the chain before we're counting bodies and trying to spin yet another monumental intelligence screwup.
Saul Berenson: Don't think I'm not considering it.
Carrie Mathison: Well, how about doing something about it?
Saul Berenson: Because nothing's changed, Carrie.
Carrie Mathison: Wh-wh- What do you mean "nothing's changed"?
Saul Berenson: I don't see Brody giving Hamid a damn thing, do you? Not a razor blade, not a god damn summer cold.
Carrie Mathison: Good! You know? Get angry! I'm over your whole detached routine.
Saul Berenson: You're out of line. It's my home. Get out.
Carrie Mathison: I'm going to Estes with or without your approval.
Saul Berenson: Take some boxes, 'cause you're gonna need 'em when you clean out your desk.
Carrie Mathison: What happened to the Saul Berenson that trekked the Karakoram, did three months in a Malaysian prison, stared down Uday Hussein at the height of his power? When did you become such a pussy, Saul?
Saul Berenson: I think you should leave now.

Frank Mathison: Enjoy. Drive safe. And...
Carrie Mathison, Frank Mathison: [together] Fuck the CIA!

"Homeland: I'll Fly Away (#2.8)" (2012)
Virgil: The whole operation's dead.
Carrie Mathison: No, it's not. His cover's still intact. As long as his cover isn't blown, he's still in play.

Nicholas Brody: Do you think I really care what happens to me anymore?
Carrie Mathison: Well, I do. I care what happens to you, even if you don't.

Carrie Mathison: I don't know what's worse... Quinn's perverts with their idiot smirks or you giving me that look. "Do I really know what I'm doing? Am I getting too close to him?" Or... whatever euphemism you'd find.
Saul Berenson: Are you getting too close?
Carrie Mathison: He was running off the rails. I did what I had to do.
Saul Berenson: So that's all it was.
Carrie Mathison: I'm not even gonna to answer that.
Saul Berenson: Well, not too many months ago, you told me you were in love with him.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, and I was more than a little unstable then.
Carrie Mathison: It's okay now? Have I lost it again? Is that what you're asking?
Saul Berenson: No, I'm saying, if you're back there again, in that place with Brody...
Carrie Mathison: What?
Saul Berenson: It ended badly last time. For you. For everyone.
Carrie Mathison: I'm not your daughter, Saul. I don't need you telling me what to do.

"Homeland: The Tradition of Hospitality (#5.2)" (2015)
Carrie Mathison: Salaam alaikum.
Waleed: Alaikum salaam.
Carrie Mathison: [speaking Arabic]
Waleed: I speak English better than your Arabic.

Otto Düring: Come on, Carrie. This is...
Carrie Mathison: Don't worry. As soon as you leave, all the attention will leave with you. I can move around more easily. Plus, I'll have plenty of backup.
Otto Düring: This is not a good idea.
Carrie Mathison: It's not a debate. I'm staying.

"Homeland: Marine One (#1.12)" (2011)
Carrie Mathison: Why did he do it?
Saul Berenson: Who?
Carrie Mathison: Brody. Why?
Saul Berenson: Do what?
Saul Berenson: Call Estes and... rat me out like that.
Saul Berenson: Honestly, I can think of a hundred reasons. The man's running for Congress, in case you forgot. Think about it. You're the last person he needs in his life right now. And vice versa.
Carrie Mathison: But, Saul...
Saul Berenson: Listen to me. This man has poisoned your thoughts. He has cost you almost everything. Forget him.
Carrie Mathison: I can't, Saul. I can't.
Saul Berenson: My God. You're in love with him.

Carrie Mathison: It's my job.
Virgil: Not anymore it's not.
Carrie Mathison: It'll always be my job. Don't you get that?

"Homeland: Why Is This Night Different? (#5.4)" (2015)
Carrie Mathison: I-I didn't do anything. I have no idea where this is coming from. I swear, no matter what Dar Adal said, I did not...
Peter Quinn: Not him. Saul. Saul put your name on the list.
Carrie Mathison: Saul?
Peter Quinn: Close your eyes.
Carrie Mathison: I don't believe it.
Peter Quinn: Believe it. Now play fucking dead.

Carrie Mathison: Where have you been?
Peter Quinn: Syria.
Carrie Mathison: Quinn, the last two years, everywhere I went, I looked for you. I tried to find you. I never stopped thinking about you.
Peter Quinn: Doesn't matter now.
Carrie Mathison: [putting on a wig] Well... how do I look?
Peter Quinn: Like somebody else.

"Homeland: The Litvinov Ruse (#5.9)" (2015)
Carrie Mathison: Maybe we missed it. Maybe the signal to her handler was nonverbal.
Saul Berenson: Maybe she's not what you think she is.
Carrie Mathison: You're hoping against hope, Saul.

Carrie Mathison: [about Alison] We have a problem, because she's not taking the bait. Or do you still believe that she's innocent?
Saul Berenson: I don't know what the fuck to believe anymore.

"Homeland: Broken Hearts (#2.10)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: You're never going to leave this country alive.
Abu Nazir: I know. And I don't care.

Carrie Mathison: We fight with what we have.
Carrie Mathison: You pervert the teachings of the Prophet and call it a cause. You turn teenagers into suicide bombers.
Abu Nazir: Generation after generation must suffer and die. We are prepared for that. Are you?
Carrie Mathison: Whatever it takes.
Abu Nazir: Really? With your pension plans and organic foods, your beach houses and sports clubs? Do you have the perseverance, the tenacity, the faith? Because we do. You can bomb us, starve us, occupy our holy places, but we will never lose our faith. We carry God in our hearts, our souls. To die is to join him. It may take a century, two centuries, three centuries, but we will exterminate you.
Carrie Mathison: Like I said... you're a terrorist.

"Homeland: Trylon and Perisphere (#4.2)" (2014)
Carrie Mathison: Sorry I'm late.
Andrew Lockhart: Quinn's not even in the building yet. A few months overseas and you're both on third world time.

Saul Berenson: Carrie.
Carrie Mathison: You've still got the beard. Quinn told me you shaved it off.
Saul Berenson: Turned out to be one change too many. Didn't last.
Carrie Mathison: Good.

"Homeland: The Drone Queen (#4.1)" (2014)
Maggie Mathison: Hey, happy birthday.
Carrie Mathison: Thanks.
Maggie Mathison: So? What'd you do for your birthday?
Carrie Mathison: Interrogated a couple prisoners, flew another mission.

Carrie Mathison: [to Quinn] I wanted to bring you. Why didn't you come?

"Homeland: 13 Hours in Islamabad (#4.10)" (2014)
Max: You were mean. All she wanted was your approval, and all you gave her was a hard time.
Carrie Mathison: I was training her, Max.
Max: You could've said something nice. Just once. Would've meant so much.
Carrie Mathison: I wish I had.

Peter Quinn: Hey, you're the one who got me here. You're the one who said all this was important. Well, guess what? It is now.
Carrie Mathison: You will die trying, or worse, and I won't allow it.

"Homeland: Iron in the Fire (#4.4)" (2014)
John Redmond: There's a tunnel.
Carrie Mathison: A tunnel?
John Redmond: It starts under the Economics section. Dumps you out into the Itwar bazaar.
Carrie Mathison: Why didn't you say something?
John Redmond: You never asked.

Carrie Mathison: They played us from the very beginning.
Peter Quinn: But why do any of it?
Carrie Mathison: Because that's when we stop tracking terrorists, when we think they're dead.

"Homeland: Q&A (#2.5)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: I should be in there, Saul.
Saul Berenson: You're lucky you're in the building.

Carrie Mathison: So what do you say... when people ask you what it was like over there?
Nicholas Brody: As little as possible.
Carrie Mathison: But if they insist?
Nicholas Brody: I lie. Tell them stories they want to hear.
Carrie Mathison: It's the lies that undo us. It's the lies we think we need to survive. When was the last time you told the truth?

"Homeland: Uh... Oh... Ah... (#3.2)" (2013)
Carrie Mathison: I'm not the one who got it wrong. I'm the only one who got it right.

Reporter: You've been with the CIA fourteen years.
Carrie Mathison: Yes.
Reporter: You told me you had a falling out recently.
Carrie Mathison: No, what I said was I'm under attack. A week ago, you published a story that an unnamed CIA officer was in a romantic relationship with the Langley bomber.
Reporter: And is that officer you?
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, you're missing the point. No one at the CIA was in a relationship with the Langley bomber.
Reporter: Okay, wait. According to my source...
Carrie Mathison: The CIA.
Reporter: I can't confirm that.
Carrie Mathison: Well, I don't know what kind of conversation you expect to have here if you won't acknowledge the fucking obvious. The CIA gave you that story to set me up.
Reporter: For what?
Carrie Mathison: The big lie. Now, despite what they said, Nicholas Brody is not responsible for the explosion at Langley.
Reporter: And you can prove this?
Carrie Mathison: Yeah. That's why I'm here.
Reporter: Did Saul Berenson know when he testified before the Senate subcommittee?
Carrie Mathison: Of course he did. Everything he said was bullshit.

"Homeland: The Smile (#2.1)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: ...then I moved to Calgary.
Major Joy Mendez: So what's the hockey team?
Carrie Mathison: Uh, I don't follow hockey.
Major Joy Mendez: You're from Calgary you follow hockey. It's the Flames.

Carrie Mathison: What do you want?
Danny Galvez: Estes needs to see you.
Carrie Mathison: Tell him to fuck off.

"Homeland: The Star (#3.12)" (2013)
Carrie Mathison: I'm pregnant.
Nicholas Brody: What?
Carrie Mathison: I'm four months pregnant. From our time at the lake.
Nicholas Brody: Carrie, Jesus.
Carrie Mathison: As if things couldn't get more complicated, right?
Nicholas Brody, Carrie Mathison: You should've said something...
Nicholas Brody, Carrie Mathison: Well, I'm saying it now.
Carrie Mathison: Hey.
Carrie Mathison: Don't.
Nicholas Brody: Hey, hey.
Carrie Mathison: Look, I don't know what happens back home either, kind of a life we have or we don't have, whether it's together or apart, but there will be a life. And I'm not sorry about that. Not for one single second. Because I happen to believe one of the reasons I was put on this earth was for our paths to cross. And, yeah, I know how crazy that sounds.
Nicholas Brody: Are you through yet?
Carrie Mathison: No.
Carrie Mathison: Yes.
Nicholas Brody: 'Cause I don't think that sounds crazy at all. I think it sounds like the only sane fucking thing left to hold onto.
Carrie Mathison: Well, okay then.

"Homeland: The Vest (#1.11)" (2011)
Saul Berenson: I should have asked if you were really okay.
Carrie Mathison: There's no time, Saul.

"Homeland: The Choice (#2.12)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: [to Brody] I wish I could have both - you and the job.

"Homeland: From A to B and Back Again (#4.6)" (2014)
Carrie Mathison: Take the shot, goddamn it. Wipe that fucker out!
Peter Quinn: Are you out of your mind? That is Saul down there. Saul.

"Homeland: Beirut Is Back (#2.2)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: [Saul and Estes question the validity of an asset's intel] It's not lost on me why people don't trust my judgment. Why you didn't even want me here.
Saul Berenson: Carrie...
Carrie Mathison: It's not fair, I know, for you to have to be the one to decide.
[Carrie starts to cry]
Carrie Mathison: It fucked me up, Saul. Being wrong about Brody, it really... it fucked me up. Because I have never been so sure... and so wrong. And it's that fact that I still can't get my head around. It makes me unable to trust my own thoughts. Every time I think I see something clearly now... it just disappears.
[Carrie takes a moment to calm down]
Carrie Mathison: We have a chance to get Abu Nazir.
Saul Berenson: I know you want to think that. I won't risk American lives on a hunch.
Carrie Mathison: And I would not ask you to. I recruited her, Saul, right here in this city. And it's been eight years. I know... I know a lot of things can change. But I helped her through an abusive domestic situation. I practically saved her life. And I remember... I remember knowing at the time... that one day... she would be ready to leave here... and when that time came, she would be on my side. Look, the... the way I am now, I wouldn't trust me, either. But the Carrie who recruited her... that one I believe.

"Homeland: Oriole (#5.7)" (2015)
Carrie Mathison: Things got pretty crazy there for a while. We broke up.
Otto Düring: I'm very sorry to hear that. You know, Jonas is my friend and he's a good man, but...
Carrie Mathison: What?
Otto Düring: He-he's a lawyer. Keeps both feet on the ground.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, he does. That's one of the things I love about him.
Otto Düring: My first wife was like that. Earthbound.
Carrie Mathison: Earthbound, huh?
Otto Düring: Most people are. You're either born with wings or not.

"Homeland: In Memoriam (#2.11)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: Walden's dead.
Nicholas Brody: Look... all that matters to me right now is that you're safe.

"Homeland: The Good Soldier (#1.6)" (2011)
Carrie Mathison: [Carrie and Brody are drunk] Oh, Jesus, we drank too much.
Nicholas Brody: Yeah, we did.
Carrie Mathison: Oh, I hope I don't puke.
Nicholas Brody: You're gonna puke?
Carrie Mathison: No.
Nicholas Brody: You all right?
Carrie Mathison: I'm half Irish.
Nicholas Brody: The Irish don't puke?
Carrie Mathison: Nah. Only when we have to salute the British.
[Carrie snorts with laughter]

"Homeland: Crossfire (#1.9)" (2011)
Carrie Mathison: Sometimes, I swear to God, people are their own worst enemy.

"Homeland: Long Time Coming (#4.12)" (2014)
Carrie Mathison: [after they kiss] Quinn, I'll just fuck it up.
Peter Quinn: No, you won't.
Carrie Mathison: I will... I do. I know how this goes. It ends badly.
Peter Quinn: Till it doesn't.
Carrie Mathison: Come on, you know my shit.
Peter Quinn: And you know mine.
Carrie Mathison: But you don't have my condition.
Peter Quinn: I've seen you at your worst.
Carrie Mathison: You should be heading for the hills.
Peter Quinn: Look, Islamabad was ugly, it was a black hole.I don't want anything like that in my life ever again. I want to get out. Stay out.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah.
Peter Quinn: But I can't do it on my own. I've learnt that.
Carrie Mathison: Well, I haven't exactly been helpful.
Peter Quinn: But you could be. If you want out too. We get out together. Will you think about Carrie?
[caresses her cheek, she kisses his hand]
Carrie Mathison: [smiles back to Quinn as he drives away]

"Homeland: A False Glimmer (#5.12)" (2015)
Jonas Hollander: You want to tell me what happened today? It's all over the Internet, a mysterious blonde woman in the Hauptbahnhof tunnels with a gun.
Jonas Hollander: You?
Carrie Mathison: [nods] Me.

"Homeland: Halfway to a Donut (#4.8)" (2014)
Andrew Lockhart: We need to bring the ambassador into this.
Carrie Mathison: We need to bring no one into this, not until we think it through.

"Homeland: Still Positive (#3.6)" (2013)
Carrie Mathison: There's a baby in here. What do we do about the baby?
Saul Berenson: Leave it.
Carrie Mathison: What? We can't do that.
Saul Berenson: Can't take the baby. You weren't there.

"Homeland: About a Boy (#4.5)" (2014)
Peter Quinn: Is there no line, Carrie? Is there no fucking line?
Carrie Mathison: What's it to you anyway?
Peter Quinn: Nothing.

"Homeland: Parabiosis (#5.6)" (2015)
Saul Berenson: Carrie, what the fuck are we doing here?
Carrie Mathison: We're here because you tried to take me out.
Saul Berenson: That's ridiculous.
Carrie Mathison: No, not really. Someone put my name in your kill box. Did you hear me? Your operation, Quinn taking out jihadis. Someone got inside it, put my name there as a target. Holy fuck, Saul, don't look at me like I'm speaking Martian. There was a shootout at your dead drop. It was on the goddamn news. Quinn was hit. He-he nearly died. I bet you haven't heard much from him recently. Have you?
Saul Berenson: No.
Carrie Mathison: It was the Russians who did it. That is confirmed. They used your operation to try to take me out, and it was not their first attempt. That bomb in Syria, at the refugee camp, It wasn't meant for Düring; it was for me.
Saul Berenson: Want to tell me why the Russians give a shit whether you're alive or dead?
Carrie Mathison: Because they don't want me to see something in the documents those hackers stole from you.

"Homeland: Krieg Nicht Lieb (#4.11)" (2014)
Carrie Mathison: [about Quinn] A month ago, he wanted out. He was done with the Agency, all of it.
Astrid: And six months ago. And a year. And two years. Christmas of 2008, we drank the bar of a small hotel in Copenhagen completely dry, just the two of us, toasting his retirement. He will never get out. But every so often, it makes him feel better to say he will. And then he goes back to doing what he does best.

"Homeland: Tin Man Is Down (#3.1)" (2013)
Carrie Mathison: I had it in my hands.
Saul Berenson: The actual memorandum?
Carrie Mathison: Somebody leaked it to the committe, Saul.
Saul Berenson: Okay, Carrie. I'll get to the bottom of it. Calm down.
Carrie Mathison: No, don't tell me to calm down! I feel like I walked into a propeller.
Saul Berenson: Well, you got out alive.
Carrie Mathison: Yeah, barely.
Saul Berenson: There's about a thousand people in this building standing with you right now.
Carrie Mathison: Find the leak.
Saul Berenson: I will. You okay otherwise?
Carrie Mathison: [hanging up] You must be kidding.