Mr. Fitzhugh
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Mr. Fitzhugh (Character)
from Tower Heist (2011)

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Tower Heist (2011)
Mr. Fitzhugh: Shouldn't we be avoiding law enforcement? I never saw an episode of Matlock where the criminal banged Matlock!

Mr. Fitzhugh: Mr Fitzhugh- If you need me, I'll be living in this box.

Josh Kovacs: To get in the building, we have to avoid seven exterior cameras and six doormen who work at two entrance points in rotating shifts. Once inside, we'll be faced with four security officers who monitor a bank of twelve internal cameras, as well as two security guards who vary the patrol route each day. If we make it through all that, we still have to get through this gauntlet of employees to get to the elevators. Questions?
Slide: Yeah! Who that girl in the red dress? She got the kind of titties I like to play with.
Cole Howard: That's Mary-Ann from sales; she's a lesbian.
Josh Kovacs: Okay, that's irrelevant.
Mr. Fitzhugh: Mary-Ann is a lesbian? She was married when she sold me my unit.
Cole Howard: She makes lesbian sex with Lynn Rutherford from accounting.
Josh Kovacs: Okay.
Cole Howard: Lynn is a lesbian?
Rick Malloy: Wait, I'm lost. How many lesbians total do we have to avoid?
Josh Kovacs: None; we're not avoiding lesbians.
Slide: I don't avoid lesbians at all; I seek lesbians out. Lesbians got the nicest titties. Straight women, they have guys pulling and yanking on them and sweating on them. Lesbians get touch delicately by other lesbians; It's nice.
Josh Kovacs: Did anyone just take in what I just said?
Cole Howard: Well, it seems like there's a gauntlet of lesbians.
Josh Kovacs: No. The... Alright, I'm just gonna keep going.