Zuri Ross
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Zuri Ross (Character)
from "Jessie" (2011)

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"Jessie: Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales (#3.5)" (2013)
Ravi Ross: [crying after Luke's report reading] Zuri, may I have a tissue?
Zuri Ross: Sure.
[also moved by the reading, Zuri picks up a tissue and blows her nose in it before handing it to Ravi]
Ravi Ross: I'll just use my sleeve.

"Jessie: Help Not Wanted (#3.14)" (2014)
Luke Ross: Ouch!
[rubs the back of his head]
Zuri Ross: What's the matter?
Luke Ross: I think I just got an idea!

"Jessie: G.I. Jessie (#2.26)" (2013)
Darla Shannon: [sees Jessie splattered in food and approaches her] Jessie?
[walks over to Jessie's table]
Darla Shannon: Jessie Prescott, is that you?
Darla Shannon: I see you're still having trouble with your table manners!
Jessie Prescott: [annoyed] Hey Darla.
Jessie Prescott: Nice to see you too.
Zuri Ross: *That's* Darla? She doesn't look like a witch!
Jessie Prescott: Oh yeah? Throw some water on her and we can send her home in a bucket!
Darla Shannon: [Jessie and Darla laugh slightly] I see you're still babysitting! What happened to that big acting career you were gonna have?
Jessie Prescott: Oh, it's... it's going well. It just takes time.
Darla Shannon: Talent might help too. Meanwhile, I've been travelling all over the world as a flight attendant!
Jessie Prescott: Really? Cuz, I heard you were on the Galveston to Amarillo run. Luckily, I don't have a job where I have to run around waiting on people!
Ravi Ross: Jessie, I need milk!
Luke Ross: Jessie, take my tray!
Zuri Ross: Jessie, my nose is still runny!
Darla Shannon: At least they're calling you. Unlike *all* the boys in high school!
Luke Ross: [approaching Darla, annoyed] Hey, that's my lady you're talking to!
Darla Shannon: You finally did catch a man! But this one's so small, you might wanna throw him back!