Clown with the Tear Away Face
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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Clown: [singing]
[looking at a present Jack brought]
Clown: It's a bat!
Man Under the Stairs: [singing] Will it bend?
Clown: [singing] It's a rat!
Man Under the Stairs: [singing] Will it break?
Undersea Gal: [singing] Perhaps it's the head that I've found in the lake.

Clown: [singing] I am the Clown with the tear-away face!
[Pulls face off]
Clown: [Demonic voice] Here in a *flash* and gone without a trace!
[vanishes in a puff of smoke]

Clown: [of Jack's disappearance] This has never happened before!
Big Witch, W.W.D.: It's suspicious.
Small Witch: It's peculiar.
Vampire: It's scary!